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spotify [Expired] Spotify Invites [30 invitations delivered]

[Update 2]

A reader named Bjoler has offered up 19 invitations. Leave your email in the reply below. Thanks Bjoler, you’re an upstanding Norwegian (such as myself) :-)

[Update] 30 invitations delivered!
If you didn’t get one you may still request one over at spotify.com.

Great news for all of you US citizens that wish to try the newly released US version of Spotify. I have several invites to the Totally free (with some limitations) edition of Spotify.

Wonder what Spotify is?
Read more about it here, and here!

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Are You Using Google+? Thoughts?

Posted by Rich On July - 11 - 201123 COMMENTS

google+plus Are You Using Google+? Thoughts?I’d like to get to know more Windows Guides readers (add me on Google+); I’d also like to get your thoughts on Google+ and whether or not you think it will be a hit (add a comment.)

My thoughts thus far:

  • I don’t like Social Networking because:
    • I’m concerned about privacy
    • I value my time online and find Facebook etc. encourages “wasting time”
  • I like Google’s approach to privacy and hope they (Google’s engineers) either avoid security holes (best) or they’re quick to patch any security holes (still better than most social networking sites)
  • I have spent about an hour on Google+ in the last week and feel it’s going in the right direction that’s needed to succeed

Time will tell how well Google+ does. Hopefully it’s a Gmail or a Search and not a Wave. They already have a big user base (whether the users are aware or not) as tools like Buzz, Reader, and +1 are heavily integrated in the tool already. By virtue of that, Google+ wont be a ghost town for long… I hope.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Sign in to Google+ with your Google account.

While you’re at it, add me to a circle of yours: Rich Robinson – Google+ and keep up with the Windows posts I share there (as well as other, random, posts that may catch your attention.)

Hide accounts from welcome screen [How To]

Posted by Thomas On June - 30 - 20113 COMMENTS

17 Hide accounts from welcome screen [How To]This is a neat little trick for those spy wannabes, or those of you who are paranoid wanting a secret user account on your system. Okay it may not be a totally secret account, as the user folder will be visible after login anyways… Jokes aside, if you have a public available computer, you may want to make sure users log on, using the proper account(s). This can be achieved with a little tweak of the registry. The hidden accounts are of course available for log in, when you know where to look. Read the rest of this entry »

Ever wondered the history of Apple and Microsoft and wanted to know from where application “windows” and desktop icons etc. originated? manolution.com has put together an infographic with key points in history in the personal computer (and other items we use every day) race:

history of computing partial The History of Computing Microsoft vs. Apple

Please note: Stock prices don’t represent splits in Microsoft’s stock. See the market cap at the bottom of the infographic for a more accurate portrayal of the standing between the two companies.

The creator of the infographic has been given a hard time over many details. Just use this infographic as an education in the history of the companies and not the basis for a research paper between the two companies.

See the rest of the history here: Microsoft vs. Apple: The History of Computing (Infographic)

If you are anything like me, every time you sit down at your PC you think of all the component upgrades you could invest in. The problem is that there simply isn’t enough cash in the world to do everything you’d like to (for most of us at least – good riddance to those of you that have that kind of cake). Using my own experience I’ve compiled a short list of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to boost the joy you experience every time you use your PC. Read the rest of this entry »

Computers Then and Now: Storage Space

Posted by Thomas On June - 1 - 20116 COMMENTS

hardiscuhr 300 Computers Then and Now: Storage SpaceHave you ever thought about how fast things in the world of technique are developing ? It’s not that long a go that cell phones had a shoulder strap, and TV’s was as thick as it was wide. I remember when the first “flat screens” came on the market. A “Flat Screen” back then ment that the tube had a flat front, no distorting curves. And let’s not forget about storage space. My first hard drive was a staggering 40MB!! And then a while later I got one with 80MB capacity. I thought, MAN, I’m never gonna be able to fill that… yeah right

A while back I was wandering down the memory lane, talking about RAM (Read it here). This time I thought I’d talk about storage space.

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