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You might remember my post on Legal Music Streaming back in December 2010. The post compared two great streaming solutions Grooveshark and Spotify (Read it one more time here). Today (July 14th, 2011) Spotify announced the release of Spotify US. You might remember that Spotify offers a totally free service (with some limitations) for everyone who loves music. All you need to endure is a few seconds of advertising at random intervals. As in the other countries where Spotify first launched their great service, the access to the free is limited to invites only. This is to make sure they have a stable system, once available to the entire public. Premium Account holders get a number of invites to share with their friends and family. Apply today (click here).

If you want to skip the free version and the wait for invites all together, the paid service start at just $4.99/month. I have sent a request to Spotify to send us a number of invites to share with all of you. I’m hoping to be able to set up a small contest very soon.


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4 thoughts on “Spotify FINALLY available in the US !!!”

  1. Rich says:

    Hi Thomas, what a great idea to get some invites out there for Windows Guides readers. I got my account set up today and, if you don’t hear back, I’ll buy a Premium account so we can get invites out. Please let me know if you don’t hear back from Spotify. 

  2. Steven Shaffer says:

    I’d love to give this a whirl myself if you happen to get any invites to pass along. Thanks!

  3. DD says:

    Wow. I like it. Please,count me in.

  4. DD says:

    Wow. I like it. Please,count me in.

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