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Humor: Press Enter!!

Posted by Thomas On March - 14 - 2011

Being called a computer geek is not uncommon for us here at mintywhite. But how much geekyness would you say it takes to actually qualify as a Computer Geek (or nerd) ??  Even if you don’t consider yourself a geek, maybe, just maybe after reading this – you can call yourself a computer savvy…

And I swear – the following story is all true.

… My friend, the carpenter …

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Interview with the Chit Chat for Facebook Developer

Posted by Harry On July - 20 - 2010

After we posted a review of Chit Chat for Facebook, we sent a few questions to the developer, and here are all the questions and answers:

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Update: You can win one of three signed copies of this book here.

In this article, I interview Joan Lambert, author of Windows 7 Step by Step. At the conclusion of the interview, I share some highlights of her book and invite you to get your own copy.

Interview with Joan

Joan, thank you for taking time to share a little about yourself. Before we talk about your profession and book, I’m sure Windows Guides readers would like to get to know you better; tell us a little about yourself:

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Getting startED Windows 7Joseph Moran and Kevin Otnes are both writers who have a long history in technical documentation and other tech-related endeavours. In this interview, we get to know Kevin and Joseph and then I’ll share a little about their book “Getting StartED Windows 7” (Amazon)

Interview with Joseph Moran & Kevin Otnes

RICH: Joe, you say you like to play Tennis; what else do you like to do outside of the world of computers?

JOE: I’m a big movie fan, though considering the way I watch most of them– on Blu-Ray disc or via digital download– I guess that barely qualifies as outside the realm of computers. Considering how much time I spend seated in front of glowing screens, I do try to get outdoors as often as possible– biking is another activity I’ve recently rediscovered (though with a GPS mounted to the handlebars, even that isn’t quite computer-free!).

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Windows 7 for DummiesUpdate: I’m giving away my copy of this book, completely free to one lucky comment author. See below for more details.

The winner of the book is announced.

Andy Rathbone started geeking around with computers in 1985 when he bought a 26-pound portable CP/M Kaypro 2X. Like other nerds of the day, he soon began playing with null-modem adapters, dialing computer bulletin boards, and working part-time at Radio Shack.

He wrote articles for various techie publications before moving to computer books in 1992. He’s written the Windows for Dummies series, Upgrading and Fixing PCs for Dummies, TiVo for Dummies, PCs: The Missing Manual, and many other computer books.

Today, he has more than 15 million copies of his books in print, and they’ve been translated into more than 30 languages. You can reach Andy at his Web site, www.andyrathbone.com.

In this article, I interview Andy and find out about his new book Windows 7 for Dummies and share my thoughts on it after reading it myself.

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Meet a Windows Enthusiast: MSherwood

Posted by Rich On April - 18 - 2009

MSherwood is a Windows Forums moderator and runs a blog over at MyWindowsPC. In this interview, you’ll get to know him better and learn about some of the things he likes to do.
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