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[Update 2]

A reader named Bjoler has offered up 19 invitations. Leave your email in the reply below. Thanks Bjoler, you’re an upstanding Norwegian (such as myself) :-)

[Update] 30 invitations delivered!
If you didn’t get one you may still request one over at spotify.com.

Great news for all of you US citizens that wish to try the newly released US version of Spotify. I have several invites to the Totally free (with some limitations) edition of Spotify.

Wonder what Spotify is?
Read more about it here, and here!

Send your request to before monday, July 25th and I’ll hand out 10 invites to Spotify beta release. This is a totally free membership which you may keep for as long as you like. You may also at any time upgrade it to a paid account starting at 4,99 USD a month. Write “Spotify Invite” in the subject line.

If you do not receive word from me within Wednesday, July 27th, register your invite request at: http://www.spotify.com/us/hello-america/


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14 thoughts on “[Expired] Spotify Invites [30 invitations delivered]”

  1. UVAIS says:

    For US Only :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would  like to have a invite for spotify
    another great post from mintywhite..
    thanks for the chance

    1. Thomas says:

      don’t forget to enter your email at

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi, can you send me an invitation for spotify please mi mail is: maytonga0501@hotmail.com thanks

  4. José Paulo Santos says:


  5. Anonymous says:


    1. Thomas says:

      @diego182:disqus@facebook-521962391:disqus Sorry I have no invites left.
      Try register your email over at spotify.com

  6. Bjorler says:

    Hey there people!
    I have 19 invites left so just leave your e-mail in a reply to this post
    Regards from a cool guy in Norway:-)

    1. Rockthestop says:

      Please I want one! :)

    2. R. says:

      novoacardonne@gmail:disqus .com


  7. Nahum2578 says:


  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

  10. Jose Gonzalez says:


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