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Following my post on creating a WordPress site, I contacted Tsohost who have very kindly given us two free Pro cPanel subscriptions for a year (worth £50 / about $85 each) on their lightning-fast servers for two lucky readers! The instructions for creating a WordPress site were created on one of these cPanel servers, so they will be the same. Tsohost have wonderful customer service as well (replies in minutes) just in case there are any problems!

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Create your own WordPress Site [How To]

Posted by Harry On May - 2 - 20111 COMMENT

Have you ever wondered what powers www.MintyWhite.com, or wanted to try and make a site as brilliant and interactive as this one? A great open source web tool, called WordPress, ‘runs’ the virtual side of the site and provides you with all the great content that you’re seeing on your screen today!

Rich wrote guides on turning your computer into a local web server and then installing WordPress, so that you can learn everything about WordPress before using it online. Once you’ve mastered the basics of WordPress, how exactly do you put your wonderful creation online?

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How to Use IRC? Tips and Basic Chat Commands [Part 2 of 2]

Posted by Rich On April - 27 - 2011Comments Off

irccommands1 How to Use IRC? Tips and Basic Chat Commands [Part 2 of 2]

Yesterday, we explained IRC and how to get set up. Today, we’ll cover tips and basic commands for using IRC. In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • How to join IRC networks
  • How to join a IRC network channels
  • IRC tips
  • IRC basic commands

How to Join IRC Networks

An IRC Network hosts channels (more about that in a minute) on which you can chat and interact. A network is hosted by the server (what’s an IRC server?) and, generally, provides a chatting area for groups of interest or geographic location. There are many (tens of thousands or more) IRC networks, which can host anywhere from one to many thousand channels.

To join an IRC network, you need to know its address and port number. Once you’ve found a network, simply connect to it with your IRC client. For example:

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List of Native 64-bit Applications

Posted by Rich On April - 26 - 2011Comments Off

180 List of Native 64 bit ApplicationsYesterday, we showed you how to tell whether you’re using 32 or 64 bit Windows and in the past we’ve shown you why you should use 64-bit Windows. Today we share a list, shown to us by Windows Forums member Jeet.

What does “Native” Mean?

Native is a term often used in the compting world to describe true compatibility. When something is native (in this case, a software program), it means it’s built to work completely in an environment (your PC) without compatibility patching. 32-bit programs will work in a 64-bit environment but to be truly “native” they need to be built for 64-bit addressing and communication with hardware without compatibility fixes.

In other words, 64-bit applications are designed to work in a 64-bit environment and, as a result of this, often perform better. To explore the merits of 64-bit, read this guide.

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What is IRC? An Introduction to IRC [Part 1 of 2]

Posted by Rich On April - 26 - 2011Comments Off

whatisirc What is IRC? An Introduction to IRC [Part 1 of 2]

In this two-part guide, we’ll learn what IRC is, tips to use it, and some basic commands to get you started. In part one of this guide, we’ll focus on introducing IRC and getting you set up to use it on your computer. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • What is IRC?
  • Who Uses IRC?
  • What is a Client?
  • What is a Server?
  • What are Channels, Networks, and Servers?
  • Download and Install Pidgin, an IRC Client
  • Configure Pidgin for IRC

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MacPC 500x338 What it Costs to Fix Your Windows PC vs a Mac [Comic]As long as we’re on the subject (Rich’s Post). Here’s a (very) short list of the differences between MAC and PC (Windows).

What you get, and what it costs to fix…

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