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I’d like to get to know more Windows Guides readers (add me on Google+); I’d also like to get your thoughts on Google+ and whether or not you think it will be a hit (add a comment.)

My thoughts thus far:

  • I don’t like Social Networking because:
    • I’m concerned about privacy
    • I value my time online and find Facebook etc. encourages “wasting time”
  • I like Google’s approach to privacy and hope they (Google’s engineers) either avoid security holes (best) or they’re quick to patch any security holes (still better than most social networking sites)
  • I have spent about an hour on Google+ in the last week and feel it’s going in the right direction that’s needed to succeed

Time will tell how well Google+ does. Hopefully it’s a Gmail or a Search and not a Wave. They already have a big user base (whether the users are aware or not) as tools like Buzz, Reader, and +1 are heavily integrated in the tool already. By virtue of that, Google+ wont be a ghost town for long… I hope.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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23 thoughts on “Are You Using Google+? Thoughts?”

  1. Tom Farley says:

    I like it so far…Like the privacy, and the targeting of the post.  You will like the Hangout feature for sure.  When you can post from Apps down the line (ex. Sharaholic), I think it will be interesting.  Most of my friends aren’t there yet.

    1. Rich says:

      Thanks Tom. Thanks for the tip and heads up about the apps :) I still need to pull together a “Hangout”–just haven’t got round to it. 

  2. Websterzx10r1 says:

    you added me to your circle this morning. still trying to figure it out, but in order to completely do this u need people in ur circle of friends.

  3. UVAIS says:

    Just joined G+

    Thanks Rich 

  4. Mickp13 says:

    why would I want to share my personal and private thoughts with strangers? You are only looking for trouble.

  5. John Hauxwell says:

    Hi Rich
    Don’t know how I missed you on Buzz.
    G+ looks good so far – possibilities are endless.
    Couldn’t get my sons’ to sign up for Buzz – they’re both on G+
    Definite +1 :)

  6. John Hauxwell says:

    Hi Rich
    Don’t know how I missed you on Buzz.
    G+ looks good so far – possibilities are endless.
    Couldn’t get my sons’ to sign up for Buzz – they’re both on G+
    Definite +1 :)

  7. UVAIS says:

    G+ looks good ,Clean But i can’t found adding favorite videos from Youtube .
    here is my page’s URL

  8. Andrew says:

    Google is bad.. They steal all of your privacy information. They make a full profile of users that use their Gmail, Google Voice, G+, Searches. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that people do with anything “Google”. Stay away from them. Even Intel Employees have stated that they “Do not like the way Google is heading”.

    1. Anonymous says:

      As long as they don’t sell information, it should be a bit ok.

    2. Anonymous says:

      As long as they don’t sell information, it should be a bit ok.

    3. Anonymous says:

      As long as they don’t sell information, it should be a bit ok.

      1. Andrew says:

        That’s a very good point, but they aren’t stupid. Although I am concerned about the fact that they are slowly become to big. They compete with everyone, and if the other competiters stop, then it’s just Google remaining. That is not good at all because then they have the say. The dirrection that Google is heading, it seems like they are trying to shut out everyone else so that they have all the power, and can do to us as they please.

  9. George says:

    I don’t like social networks. Social network users remind me of lemmings.

  10. Deceive says:

    I am actually quite impressed about the attempt from Google.. They take a lot of great services and combine them in a great product. I do, however, not believe it will be able to get all the users they need to compete with Facebook. Unfortunately.

    1. Rich says:

      I think they need to do something to attract more female users (who are usually more social than males.)

  11. Rod_Uding says:

    I have enjoyed using Google+ so far.  Best part is no “Farmville” so far.  I like being able to direct any content I post to specific circles.  Since I am a Solidworks user, I can direct all of my Solidworks content to my Solidworks Circle.  I am wondering what the business version of Google+ will be like.  I see the ability of Circles to be used for project collarboration.

  12. Franz says:

    Google+ seems like a good thing, I like it. I hope this is the beginning of a convergence of social media. I imagine a future where users can go to their favorite social media platform and see the news feeds from their friends – who may be using another social media platform. I imagine it will be a bit like watching television (just more interesting). You may use a black and white TV or a widescreen, but the programs (old-style over the air) are the same, no matter what TV you use. 
    I cannot be expected to log onto various platforms to see the feeds of all my friends now that some use Facebook, others use Friendster, LinkedIn and now Google+. There has to be tighter integration between all the platforms so users can see what all their friends (and other circles) are up to. For us social media users any other solution would be horrible and unacceptable. For the new providers of platforms this is the only way they will be able to get access to a significant number of users. For Facebook this is probably a nightmare in the making and I expect they will fight it. We will see…

  13. SiNTAX says:

    So far so good, still early days.

  14. SiNTAX says:

    So far so good, still early days.

  15. micmac says:

    your thoughts are my thoughts …… google+ still on trial …. have registered but still awaiting an invite from google although i’ve been using gmail for some years now

  16. Vivienne McDonald says:

    I usually avoid new social networking type things until all the hoopla has died down and I can just observe and take my own sweet time sorting things out. But this time, a little wait is too late. Oh dear I’ll have to join the millions on the waiting list.  Still i have hig hopes google will do a good product, and take note of privacy settings. I am intrigued by the ‘sparks’. 

  17. Strange Realms says:

    I have zero interest into Google+.  You get less privacy on Google+ than on Facebook.  If you don’t put your real name on Google+ your account gets suspended.  Your profile gets automatically added in Google’s search engine. All private profiles will be deleted when  Google+ goes live.

    I have a very rare last name so I never ever use my real name on any social networks.  Some people actually do care about their privacy.  I’m one of them.

    Instead of Google+ I’ve been checking out the open-source social network Diaspora for quite some time, and having aspects has been one of their selling points since 2010, obviously stolen by Google and renamed “circles” on their new Google+ network, so like that things that you post in certain aspects cannot be read by people on other aspects. I’ve managed to get an invitation on Diaspora a few days ago. It looks really interesting but it misses many features, they’re still in alpha after all. It’s quite unfortunate because of that Google steals their ideas and implement them faster.  One more reason to hate Google.  You don’t need to use your real name at all on Diaspora.http://www.joindiaspora.com/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diaspora_(software)http://diasporial.com/http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/diaspora_project_building_the_anti-facebook.phphttp://techcrunch.com/2010/09/15/diaspora-revealed/

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