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5 Surprisingly Useful Screensavers

Posted by Rich On July - 5 - 2010

We may not need screensavers these days to “save” our CRT screens from burn in; however, there are some screensavers out there that are somewhat useful. This guide attempts to provide you with a list of some of these screensavers.

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Free Matrix Desktop Screensaver

Posted by Rich On September - 7 - 2009

There are hundreds of Matrix-style screensavers available online. However, many are not free and many come packed with a virus to keep you busy, repairing your computer, on the weekend! Here is a free screensaver that comes with some nice extra features.

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Cities of Earth Screensaver

Posted by Rich On March - 31 - 2009

The Cities of Earth Screensaver displays the earth rotating. As the earth rotates, it highlights cities and gives you basic information about that city–it’s a great way to learn where cities are and a little about them.

Download Cities of Earth Screensaver

TwittEarth Screensaver

Posted by Rich On March - 24 - 2009

The TwittEarth Screensaver displays random Twitter messages from around the world and highlights where the message came from. Each time a tweet comes in, their avatar is added to the map.

Download TwittEarth Screensaver

Seven Free Windows Vista/XP Screensavers

Posted by Rich On January - 19 - 2009

A collection of free screensavers for use with Windows.

Want More Screensavers?

Check out more screensaver collections on www.Mintywhite.com.

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Focus Screensaver Blurs Your Desktop

Posted by Rich On November - 5 - 2008

A good friend, Ellarby shared this screensaver with me this morning and I love it. The screensaver is simple and simply blurs your screen. You can change the blur intensity and turn on grayscale. Grab yourself a copy here.

I’ve tested this in Vista and Windows Server 2008. I haven’t tested this in Windows XP yet, can anyone confirm this works? Works with Windows XP (SP3) Thanks JazzMastaJim

Download Focus Screensaver

Download Focus Screensaver

Download Focus Screensaver

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