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If you’d like to customize your drive icons like in the image above, you can do it with AdSevenDriveIconChanger.

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Customize your Windows 7 Card Games with CardGamesPatch

Posted by Stu On August - 12 - 2010

This is a little something I’ve been working on for a day or so.

It changes the backgrounds and background thumbnail of your Windows 7 Card Games to a ‘www.Mintywhite.com’ theme-pack.

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time playing card games, i hope you find this to be a refreshing change.

Click the link below to see some screenshots of what i mean.

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The Windows Guides Text to Speech Tool

Posted by Rich On April - 1 - 2009

Recently, I showed you how to write a simple VBScript that takes input by text converts it into speech.this script proved to be quite popular and attracted over 180,000 visitors.

Windows Guides reader Harry was inspired by this post and kindly made a tool for all Windows Guides readers. This tool performs the same functions as the original script provided but also gives you a nice graphical user interface to work with when you want your computer to speak back to you. Having your computer speech you can be a lot of fun and now this tool is available to all readers to play around with. In some parts of the world, it still April Fools’ Day– maybe you can think of some fun things you can do with this nifty little program.

You can download this tool for free below:

Download Text to Speech Package Release Date Download
text-to-speech.exe 1.0.1 April 1, 2009 Download (72 KB)
text-to-speech.zip 1.0.1 April 1, 2009 Download (24 KB)

Text to Speech
Thank you Harry.

Titan backup screenshot 08

Note: This offer has expired.

Would you like a free copy, worth $39.95, of Titan Backup 1.5? Simply follow the instructions below. This is fully legal, of course.

What is Titan Backup?

Titan Backup is a file, folder, and registry backup program designed to help you set up a backup schedule that works for you. The program is easy to use and fully customizable. Titan Backup comes with all the features you’d expect from a $200+ solution and you can get a copy for FREE from Windows Guides. It’s easy and requires NO registration on before you get the key… it’s right there a few lines down.

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View Windows Tools, Help & Guides on Your Mobile

Posted by Rich On October - 21 - 2008

View Windows Tools, Help & Guides on your mobile phoneWant to view Windows, Tools & Guides on the go? You still can and now the website is better designed for you mobile device.

Simply head to m.mintywhite.com on your mobile and it will automatically display the mobile version for you.

Please let me know how it works for you. Have issues with the mobile version? Let me know.

Search Windows Guides from Vista’s Start Menu

Posted by Rich On October - 14 - 2008

Search Windows Guides in IEWant to search Windows Guides from your Windows Vista Start search bar? Download this registry entry (2kb) and do the following:

  1. Extract the archive
  2. Double click on start-menu-windows-guides-search.reg
  3. When prompted, select yes
  4. Press the Start button, type a search term and select Windows Tools, Help & Guides

You may need to restart your computer if you do not see Windows Tools, Help and Guides in the start menu yet.

What do you think? Are you likely to use this? What else would you like to see?

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