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[Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0

Posted by Thomas On August - 18 - 20107 COMMENTS

timefreeze2 500x371 [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0Time Freeze is a Virtual machine (of sorts) that keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious threats. It puts the real system under protection and creates a virtual environment for system partition, on which you run applications and surf the Internet. All traces and malicious threats will disappear after reboot. You use your computer as you are custom to. The difference is that, when you reboot your computer, it get reset. Every change to the system made by any program will be gone and forgotten.

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on [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0on [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0on [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0on [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0off [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.04 out of 5 [ratings id=”6283″] 7 [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0vista [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0xp [Expired] 5 Licenses for TimeFreeze 2.0

Wondershare has kindly offered us 5 licenses of their Pro version (2.0) to giveaway to you our faithful readers. The entry is easy, so read on to see how to win one.

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LogMeIn-Express is now Join.me

Posted by Thomas On August - 10 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

joinme toolbar LogMeIn Express is now Join.meYou might remember the article about LogMeIn Express (Remote Desktop, No Installation Required). I just checked in on the site and discovered that is has gone Pro. Though they still claim it’s in beta stage.

The service is totally refurbished with both a new look (icons, design etc.) and a very short and handy URL: join.me.

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Stop identity Theft EXIF: Your Personal Information May be Stored in Your Digital PhotosEver heard of EXIF ? Neither had I until recent. EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) is data stored in JPEG and TIFF image files, such as shutter speed, date and time, focal length, exposure compensation, metering pattern, image source, date for edit and if a flash was used a the time a photo was taken.

But EXIF also stores more information than that.

If you’re a fan of the CSI series (or any other crime fighting series), you have undoubtedly seen that they from time to time try to verify if a photo has been altered in any way. What they draw their conclusion on, is the EXIF Data stored in the file. What they don’t tell you is that some equipment also stores your GPS-position which may lead someone to your home adress, phonenumber, income etc.

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Shut-Down without Installing Updates [Quick Tip]

Posted by Thomas On August - 6 - 20101 COMMENT

tip shutdown computer Shut Down without Installing Updates [Quick Tip]Updates are essential to make your computer stay secure. I for one like to be able to decide for myself when to install and update my system. But if you prefer Windows to do it without consulting your first, you will from time to time see the “updates awaiting reboot” icon when you want to shut down your computer.
If you don’t like to leave your computer on when leaving it – waiting for the update process to get done before you leave will test your patience.
If you want to be able to override this feature – shut down the computer without starting the update process, Here’s how…

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jan07Full HD HighDefinition: Which is best 720p, 1080i or 1080p?When I set out to write this article I discovered that there was much to learn about this subject. And some stuff weren’t all that easy to understand either. I am going to do my best to simplify the topic as best I can.

Now days with the introduction of Plasma, LCD and LED monitors and TV’s have become easier to handle, even if you should buy a 50″ screen. However; new technology also bring new standards. New equipment means new cables, new standards, like HDMI, and DV-I. Meaning you really have to know if your “old” equipment is compatible with your new. To really add to the confusion, you see tags like HD-Ready, Real HD, 1080p and so on.

Have you wondered what these tags mean, or if it’s something you really need to pay attention to ?

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recycle context menu Enhance your Recycle Bins Right click Context Menu with RecycleBinEx Do you empty your recycle-bin every time you put files into it, or do you leave it be, just in case you delete something that you might just need later on ? Problem with keeping the bin filled, is that you don’t actually save any disk-space.

With RecycleBinEx you can now take total control over the bin. With this tool you can control which files get deleted (delete old ones, keep the newest added) and if you run dual-boot systems (on the same disk) you can delete bins from other Windows installments as well.

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