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Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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Speed up USB and Computer Performance

Posted by Thomas On July - 23 - 20106 COMMENTS
snail Speed up USB and Computer Performance

Slow computers need lots of patience

USB has become a daily part of our computer life. Almost any gadget or external device use the USB port to connect to your computer. Some devices also rely on our USB ports to get power or charge their battery.

Problem is that the USB ports doesn’t support true high-speed data transfers (at least until version 3 becomes generally available). Granted, USB is an ingenious way of connecting devices to your computer. It really revolutionized the home computer when it became a system standard. However, too much of a good thing, often results in sluggish computers and slooow file copying. Why’s that ?

In this article I’m going to try answer that and give you a few tips and tricks on how to improve your USB (and computer) performance and to avoid those sluggish moments.

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microsoft office2010 Extract images or media from DOCX files [How To]When Microsoft introduced Office 2007 they also revealed that they would now store their documents in a XML-based file format. To show the difference between the “old” format and the new, files stored in XML get the ‘X’ added to the file extension.

Retrieving images from a Word document (or any other for that matter) has never been a simple walk in the park. In earlier Office versions it was if not easy, but everyone managed to use copy and paste. You could also save the document as a HTML-file and retrieve the images from the file folder it created.

With the “new” XML-based file formats it’s actually gotten way easier… Read the rest of this entry »

Going Retro, using Windows 98 Plus! Themes

Posted by Thomas On July - 18 - 201011 COMMENTS

win98plus Going Retro, using Windows 98 Plus! ThemesThese days ‘Going Retro’ is all over the place. Fashion, home design, artwork etc. If you’re all Retro Fan, or just feeling nostalgic,  by all means read on.

If you’ve been around computers a while, you should remember the good (well not good perhaps, but) old Windows 98. Back in the days a great piece of software. For the savvy home user, Windows 98 came with a really great enhancement: Windows 98 Plus! Which (if memory serves me right) had to be bought separately.

The Plus! pack was a set of themes to edit the appearance of your windows by changing the system colors, icons and screensavers – fun fun fun.

With Windows going on 8 we are getting used to the idea of changing themes and the graphic layout of our computer, but back then… this was as high-tech as we could get. Funny thing is – these “enhancements” still works today – on your Windows 7.

So if you feel like going Retro, or simply have a stroll down memory lane…

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Email Large Files up to 200MB for Free!

Posted by Thomas On July - 15 - 20103 COMMENTS

Send Large files up to 200MBs with Mail Big File Email Large Files up to 200MB for Free!If you are in need of emailing files, larger than the usual 10MB allowed by your ISP provider, then this is something for you.

MailBigFile offers both a free solution with a 200MB file limit and a professional one, with a 2GB file limit.

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Yourfonts.com Offers 50% Discount (July Only)

Posted by Thomas On July - 13 - 20107 COMMENTS

yourfonts 500x390 Yourfonts.com Offers 50% Discount (July Only)Once again we prevail (I really wish we had smiles here). A few days back I posted an article about creating your own handwritten font. Unfortunately I missed the fact that it was no longer a free service, upsetting some of our faithful readers. So I took it upon myself to rectify this and contacted yourfonts.com.

They kindly offered a 50% discount coupon code for our readers.

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Softkey Revealer – Keep Track of Your Serials

Posted by Thomas On July - 8 - 20108 COMMENTS

Instantly get the key of all the programs installed on your system Softkey Revealer Keep Track of Your Serials We’ve all been there I’m sure. Your precious (bought-for-hard-earned-money) software needs to be reinstalled – or – you need to totally wipe that old computer and reinstall everything.

But where did I store that serial ??

Did I keep the email containing it ? Where’s the original package? Where’s the Cover of which I’m sure I wrote it down on? Do I have every single serial I need before deleting everything ??

Worry no More !

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