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Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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internet blocked 3 ways to beat a Company Firewall or a restrictive ISPIf you happen to sit behind a Company Firewall, or you have a restrictive ISP on your hands; you are probably having problems trying to use MSN, Live, Facebook, Tweeter etc. This is of course very annoying at best – tho I can see why companies see the need to restrict what kind of Internet activity their employees can access while at work. Not every site out there is what I would call “Work Safe”.

That being said – sometimes you may find yourself in the situation where you are doing work related research – and end up at restricted sites – what then? Okay, I know that one is a bit far-fetched, you would probably just want to be able to use your Facebook or Tweeter or whatever. So Being the nice guy that I am – here are Three ways to breach security…

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Flash Hacker FlashHacker, Watch FullScreen Flash Videos without Interuptions FlashHacker, let you watch Full screen Flash videos on one monitor while working on the other one.  If you have a Dual Monitor System you might have experienced that even though you can show Flash Videos (on YouTube etc) in full screen, the slightest movement on your mouse, or a Pop-Up message from your Email etc. causes Flash to automatically turn off Full Screen View.

Now there is a solution…

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Disable Burn-To-Disk Function in Windows [How To]

Posted by Thomas On March - 11 - 20103 COMMENTS

Burn Disk icon Disable Burn To Disk Function in Windows [How To]The improved Disk Burn function in Windows 7 allows you to burn files to a disk on the fly, and it doesn’t close the session until you eject the disk. Which is a great tool to use if you continuously want to save backups of your files and documents.

There might, however, be  some reasons to shut this feature off. Like, when my kids discovered the burn to disk feature, they tried to “make movies” by placing tons of YouTube links on the disk and burn them. Suddenly my stash of 50 DVD’s were gone. Filled with nothing useful what so ever.

Therefor, I needed a way to disable the Burn To Disk Function in my Windows 7. Now This may also work in Vista, tho I haven’t tested it.

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The No-Help-At-All Tech Support (Share your Story)

Posted by Thomas On March - 10 - 20103 COMMENTS

frustrated man The No Help At All Tech Support (Share your Story)Previously I’ve written about the hopeless people who are calling the Tech Support Hotline (Read here). I’ve also given you a great tool to use, when dealing with these individuals and others in dire need of assistance (Read here).

This time, Let’s share stories about the Tech Support People who weren’t any help, or who never should have picked up the phone that day at all. I have a few stories here that made me laugh and I hope they can brighten you day as well.

What I’d really like thou, is for you to share your story, with me and the rest of our faithful readers.

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ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Tool

Posted by Thomas On March - 9 - 2010ADD COMMENTS
Windows Guides’ Rating Compatible with
on ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Toolon ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Toolon ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Toolon ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Toolhalf ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Tool4+ out of 5 7 ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Toolvista ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Toolxp ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup Tool
screenshot ezmodepicker ImgBurn, Free CD/DVD Burning and Backup ToolPROS: The program is simple and very easy to use. It has all the necessary functions you would expect and a few more. ImgBurn is not just for the Novice User, but also for the Experienced Tweaker.

CONS: No direct MP3 to CDA conversion

VERDICT: Get it while it’s free :)
Some day they’ll discover they can make money on it.

PRICE: Freeware


Download Link in the Article

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taskbar 650x218 Enable or Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Previews in Windows 7 [How To]
One of the better improvements to the Windows 7 taskbar is the thumbnail preview – at least that’s my opinion. I also like the group function and that I can close a running application directly from the thumbnail view. However, should you for any reason want to disable the Thumbnails, here is how to do so.

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