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PROS: The program is simple and very easy to use. It has all the necessary functions you would expect and a few more. ImgBurn is not just for the Novice User, but also for the Experienced Tweaker.

CONS: No direct MP3 to CDA conversion

VERDICT: Get it while it’s free :)
Some day they’ll discover they can make money on it.

PRICE: Freeware


Download Link in the Article

My first impression

I have always been partial to use Nero Burning Rom – the all time best – in my book. Until, that is, I discovered ImgBurn. Not only is it a great freeware, but it is also easy to use and handle. Where as Nero has grown to be this gigantic Software Suite with tools I would never even consider using, ImgBurn has kept it simple and neat. All the important functions is a tiny interface.

Overall I love it from the very beginning.

Discovery and Burning

First time I boot up a program I try to use it without tweaking anything. Sometimes that is a good idea and sometimes it’s not. This time it was. The default settings works like a charm. I chose some DivX files I had lying around and told ImgBurn to burn the DVD.

ImgBurn then prompted me; it had discovered that my disk contained DivX files and therefor should be burned using  another setting, than the default. Talk about smart. One thing I didn’t get ImgBurn to do, was to detect MP3 files and ask me if it should be converted to CDA (Music CD) or burn as ISO.

Calculate Space

Once you have put a blank disk in your drive, ImgBurn let you calculate necessary Disk Space and available Free Space, after Burn. The Calculate Function is not on by default, but it remembers the Auto Feature if you leave it on when you close the application.


If you have expensive DVD’s or CD’s lying around being in danger from kids, girlfriends, dog, your cat etc. Then ImgBurn can help you. ImgBurn has the ability to create ISO-Files from an existing Disk (even commercial ones), it can also create ISO-Files from files and folders and of course write ISO-Files to disk.

Just insert your disk into the drive and click on Create Image File from Disk, and press the Action Button.

For the Tech Savvy, as well…

ImgBurn isn’t just for the novice users who need a simple program to burn their files on a disk. It allows you to control ever aspect of the burning and ISO-Creating session.

In the Settings Dialog you are allowed to control How ImgBurn should interact with Windows, with your Registry and how your Disk Drive should behave. So if you love to tweak your applications, squeezing every ounce of performance out of it – you should really give ImgBurn a try.

Download ImgBurn 2.5


Download ImgBurn

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