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Note: AirPlay Mirroring will only work for “the new iPad” (3rd generation) and the iPhone 4S or later devices. Other AirPlay functions like YouTube over AirPlay will work with older supported devices.

If you would like to project your iPad’s screen to any PC on your network, you can do so with AirServer. AirServer runs on your PC and broadcasts its availability to all AirPlay mirroring capable devices on the same local network. With version (currently in beta) and onward, you can stream audio too.

Prepare Your PC for AirPlay Mirroring

Note: If you don’t have iTunes installed on the PC you’ll project to, download and install the Bonjour Service.

To prepare your PC for for AirPlay Mirroring:

  1. Register for a free 7-day trial of AirServer PC (name and valid email required.) Click “Free” to download the application (scroll down for the PC version) and enter your email
  2. Once you’ve clicked the link in your confirmation email, download the latest version
  3. Double click the downloaded file to install AirServer PC
  4. If prompted, Allow AirServer access through Windows Firewall:
  5. When you start AirServer, type in the email address you used above to activate your license

Configure AirServer

Before you use AirServer, double check the configuration. Click on the AirServer icon in the notification area and click on Settings:

On the General tab, I recommend you set a password:

On the Mirroring tab, I recommend you select your device from the “Optimize for” drop down box. You may need to experiment to get a configuration that works well if you are on a slow network:

Click OK to save your changes.

Project Your iPad or iPhone Screen

Now you’ve installed and configured AirServer, you’re ready to AirPlay to your PC:

  1. Connect your iPad or iPhone to the same WiFi network as your PC
  2. Double tap the home button on your iDevice
  3. Swipe left and click the AirPlay icon
  4. Select your PC and enable mirroring

Now you can use most apps and project them for all to see, like web browsing for example:

Or, if your PC is connected to your TV, you can play games using your TV screen:

Sadly, it doesn’t seem the camera works with mirroring. Maybe that will be in a future version of the product:

If you’re experiencing intermittent lag, you may need to adjust your network settings or consider setting up an ad hoc network between your PC and iPad to improve streaming.

Download AirServer

Download AirServer

Download AirServer*

(Free 7 Day Trial. Student License $5.99, Standard License $7.99)

*Note: this link adds 3 days to my trial period. You will also get a link to share with friends when you sign up for a 7-day trial.

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Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix them.

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One thought on “Project Your iPad or iPhone Screen to Windows [How To]”

  1. Dustin Harper says:

    This could have some good uses. Although, I’m using a HTPC and it has most of what the iPad has (including connected to the server for music and videos). But, there are a few things that would work great going from the iPad to the TV. Games, for one. Also, for going the other way (streaming from Windows to iPad/iPhone) is Stream2Me that uses the Bonjour service.

    But, streaming an iPad to a PC still has pretty limited capabilities. Unless you are wanting to project a small screen to a large one for presentation purposes, which this would do wonderfully. Otherwise, why not just use the PC? :)

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