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Flash Hacker FlashHacker, Watch FullScreen Flash Videos without Interuptions FlashHacker, let you watch Full screen Flash videos on one monitor while working on the other one.  If you have a Dual Monitor System you might have experienced that even though you can show Flash Videos (on YouTube etc) in full screen, the slightest movement on your mouse, or a Pop-Up message from your Email etc. causes Flash to automatically turn off Full Screen View.

Now there is a solution…

A tech savvy person, named Jmaxxz has developed a Tool that hack The Flash Player so it ignores any activity on the other monitor. Thus enabling you to keep watching the Full Screen Flash Video without interruptions.

  1. Download Here, and Run it.
  2. Close all browsers before you continue.
  3. To Activate the Full Screen Mode, Click: Hack My Flash!
  4. Start your Browser and open your Flash Video in Full Screen Mode.
  5. Click UnHack Flash to Reset the Flash Player

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