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Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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Put Windows 7 Libraries to Good Use [How To]

Posted by Thomas On February - 1 - 2010Comments Off on Put Windows 7 Libraries to Good Use [How To]

No matter if you’ve just begun to use Windows 7 or you’ve used it for a while, you will no doubt have noticed the Libraries Function. The Library-function let you combine several folders into one. You can combine folders from different locations such as hard drives, shared network locations, HomeGroup etc. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how the use of libraries can prove to be a productive and useful tool in your daily work or play.

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Being a geek (Yes I admit), I like to have full control over my computer. I want to know what is running, when it does and why it behaves like that ? I also like to know what (if any) did that program i just installed want to run at startup. And especially since my kids  – without any concern – download and install games, movies and whatnot on my computer (even tho they have their own)  – I really like to know what is booting, and what is slowing me down at present.

If you’re a bit like me – then good news – here is the tool for us: AutoRuns.

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Convert Web Pages and Documents to PDF Online — For Free [How To]

Posted by Thomas On January - 25 - 2010Comments Off on Convert Web Pages and Documents to PDF Online — For Free [How To]

I’ve tested many online solutions for creating PDF documents online – and most work okay. Granted most of them add their pesky watermark telling everyone you’ve used their software, but if you can live with it, go a head… I can’t!  This time I have found a couple of great tools which allows you to create PDF documents from any URL or document. Free of charge. No watermarks. And very very fast.

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Show Tabs with Thumbnails in Opera 10 [How To]

Posted by Thomas On January - 23 - 20102 COMMENTS

The Opera  Browser is a powerful, yet versatile browser fully packed with features and tweaks. Most people already know about Mouse Gestures, tabbed page preview, widgets etc. There are however several little known and hidden functions that I’ve come to love, and which I cannot seem to do without anymore.

Let me tell you about two of them:

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