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Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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Control Aero Snap with Arrow-keys [How To]

Posted by Thomas On February - 22 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

windows Bulb Control Aero Snap with Arrow keys [How To]Have you used Aero Snap yet ? I know I haven’t – not much anyway. I like the idea of it, but haven’t really got around to find any good use for it, as of yet. But This tip might help out. Aero Snap is a great tool to utilize if you want to place several documents side by side (almost like the Arrange Windows, Tiles Function in some applications).

In all the reviews I’ve read Aero Snap is portrayed as a “using the mouse” feature, even thou you may also use the keyboard. Suddenly, Aero Snap became much more interesting. I have a dual monitor system, and one thing I had trouble doing on my system was getting the windows to snap in the middle of the two monitors – using the arrow-keys it suddenly was possible.

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Outlook Add-in: Personal Folders Backup

Posted by Thomas On February - 21 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

One of our readers, Dean Anthony, read my article on Outlook Backup. Dean tipped us about an add-in for Outlook which does the job for you. This Add-in copies your .PST files at regular intervals, in Outlook 2002, 2003 and 2007 versions, making it easy to keep all of your Outlook folders safely backed up. You can download the add-in free of charge from the Microsoft Office Website. Read the rest of this entry »

Office 2010: Modify The Ribbon [How To]

Posted by Thomas On February - 20 - 20102 COMMENTS

Office2010 Office 2010: Modify The Ribbon [How To]Ever since I saw the new ribbon in Office 2007 – I hated it. I looked around and found me a freeware add-in that brought back the old and familiar menu-system. Then came Microsoft Office 2010, and the ribbon had begun to grow on me, don’t get me wrong I still use my old and trusty pre-2007 menu add-In, but not so much any more.

Why, you ask ? First of all, Microsoft has simplified the ribbons, made them more intuitive. Secondly; I can now change them to my liking and need, by adding my custom Tabs, Groups and Commands. In this tutorial I am going to use Microsoft Excel 2010, but the procedure is the same in all Office Programs. Here’s How:

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Save Ink – Use the correct Font

Posted by Thomas On February - 19 - 20101 COMMENT

Did you know that by choosing the right font you can actually make your inkjet printer more cost-effective ?

From time to time you’ll find link to free typefaces and fonts here on mintywhite which I’m sure you have put to good use – I know I have. I always thought that it was heavy colors and graphics that caused my ink to run out faster than greased lightning. But now it turns out that by choosing the right font when printing your documents, you  can actually save lots of ink and money.

Designers Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth looked at ink usage of some commonly used typefaces, by hand-drawing them with ballpoint pens. And the results really amazed me.

Read on to see which font is more economical in use…

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Add a folder to the Windows 7 Taskbar [How To]

Posted by Thomas On February - 19 - 20103 COMMENTS

Toolbox icon 220x220 Add a folder to the Windows 7 Taskbar [How To]In the Old days I used to place my most used folders as menu items in my Window Taskbar. And I recently re-discovered this function and fell in love with the idea all over again. If you have one folder that you constantly access it can be annoying to always “go look” for it or to have it waste space as an open folder in your taskbar – so why not add it as a taskbar item.

As I’m spending a lot of time here on mintywhite, writing, there is one folder I am constantly saving images and other useful items into, now I can access that folder without leaving what ever it is that I’m working on.

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Make Applications Always Open Maximized [How To]

Posted by Thomas On February - 18 - 20103 COMMENTS

XPlogo Make Applications Always Open Maximized [How To]If you – like me – have certain programs you prefer to always run in a maximized window (filling the entire screen) you are probably wearing out your Maximize button each time you run it. Here’s a small tip for you on how to make single applications always open maximized.

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