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Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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free music online Mute System Sounds when Playing Music or Movies in Windows 7 [Quick Tip]

Playing music while you work makes a day at the office much more pleasant. However having the usual system sounds interrupt the music can be quite annoying. Especially if you use programs that constantly beeps or make disturbing sounds. The old-school solution would be to disable system sounds all together. In Windows 7 there’s a faster way…

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bad printer Stalled Printer Repair Detects and Fix Failed Printer Jobs Don’t you just hate it when your printer messes things up ?

I do, every once in a while a document gets stuck in the spooler system, resulting in total havoc. No documents will print. And if you don’t catch it right away you end up with a stack of documents piling up in your print dialogue.

Usually that is a lost cause. Especially if you are not able to delete the document that is causing the problems. Cutting power to the printer (and unplug the USB cable) might enable you to delete it. But the worst case scenario is to power off everything. Loosing every print job in the queue, and start all over. Ahh lovely days huh…

If you experience this regularly or every now and then – well, I might just have the very solution you need.

Stalled Printer Repair – portable freeware application to Detect and Repair Stalled Print Jobs

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Resize Images By Right-Click

Posted by Thomas On August - 1 - 20102 COMMENTS
hund 220x220 Resize Images By Right Click

Artwork by my daughter

If you are looking for an ingenious tool for resizing images, look no further. There are many programs promising to help you do this, but not as intuitive as the one I just found.

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone

This great application let you resize images directly from your Context Menu (Right Click Menu), using presets or custom size. Right Click an image and let Image Resizer Powertoy CLONE do its thing…

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ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu

Posted by Thomas On July - 31 - 20101 COMMENT

right click disable 220x220 ShellNewHandler, Clean Up Your Context Menu It’s no question about it. As more and more programs take advantage of adding their own features to the context-menu (Right Click Menu), the less useful it gets. Some developers that add their features to your context menu are smart enough to only activate it on certain file types, or when certain services are running. But not everyone does that.

Adding functions to your Context Menu is a synch, but removing them, now that’s another story all together.

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Virtual Memory (Paging File) Explained

Posted by Thomas On July - 26 - 20101 COMMENT

memory Virtual Memory (Paging File) ExplainedI was reading a newsletter the other day that was using he words Swap File, Paging File and Virtual Memory, interchangeably. Now this confused me and I realized that this might be a great topic for an article. I’ve been around computers since the age of 7, and I still find those things rather confusing.

I’ve previously written about RAM (Read It Here) so I’m going to assume you have a good grip on that topic. Now let’s dig into the world of Virtual Memory.

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mailbox Forward Hotmail to a Regular Email Account [How To]Many of us have a Hotmail (or live) account that we manage along with our regular emails. Personally I like to keep it as a separate account on a separate system. Mostly because that’s the email account receiving most spam. But that’s just me I guess.

There are several ways to make Hotmail (live) collaborate with your outlook or other email software. You can set it up as a separate account in Outlook (Read How here), or you may use Windows Live Mail which supersede Outlook Express. But, what if you just want to FORWARD the incoming emails into another account ?

Restrictions apply

Forwarding your emails is possible (Microsoft can’t afford not to). However there are some built-in restrictions that might cause problems for you. I will address those later on. First, lets show you How to:

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