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google wave logo Run Google Wave in Thunderbird 3 [How To]Most of you should be on Google Wave (GW) by now, Rich & the mintywhite community have donated heaps of invites.

Unfortunately, GW suffers from incredibly bad performance in your browser. A nice way to alleviate this is to run GW in Thunderbird 3, don’t ask why it runs better, it just does, the same can be said for running GW in a Linux environment (at least for me!).

Setting up GW to work in Thunderbird is a very simple process and this guide will show you how to do it.

Works in XP, Vista & 7

Step 1.

Fire up Thunderbird, head up to the toolbar and click Tools > Error Console.

Step 2.

In the Code field copy and paste the contents of this Thunderbird Wave Code, (make sure it’s all there).

Once it’s all copied in, hit the Evaluate button.  You’ll see a few errors in the console, don’t worry about these.  You’ll notice a new tab has opened in the background, close the Error Console.

Step 3.

Enter in your Google Wave credentials, check Stay Signed In for convienience and you’re done.  Google Wave and your normal Email inbox will be separated by tabs – browser style.  Thunderbird will remember your Wave tab, don’t worry you don’t need to enter the text everytime!

If you use Thunderbird as your default Email client, you will surely find this handy.  Happy waving! :)

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