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In this Article I’m going to talk about DNS, what it is, why it’s there and how you can benefit from changing yours. Also I’m going to tell you about a small but efficient tool that allows you to swap DNS servers on the fly: DnsJumper. Download Link inside the article!

I am writing this with the home user in mind; therefore, throughout this article, I’ll refer to all network activity or connections as “Internet Connection.” Even though it can also apply to networks in general, being in the office or at home (WLAN, WAN, LAN.) The usage of DNS within a Local Network can greatly increase or decrease your network experience, no matter where you sit.

What is DNS

DNS is short for Domain Name Server and is a very important part of your daily Internet usage. Every time you type a website address or send an email you make use of DNS.

a DNS is actually nothing more than a large database that allows us to use real text addresses, which is easy to remember. It is much easier to remember: www.mintywhite.com than which is the correct address for our site.

What if you were to go around remember all those IP addresses – No one would use the Internet for very long.

Why would you change it ?

First Issue: SPEED!
Most people use the DNS provided by their ISP and are quite happy with it. However, different Internet Service Providers, maintain their DNS differently. If the DNS you are using aren’t updated on a regular basis, or if it’s not maintained properly, your Internet-access gets clogged up and slow.

Another issue: SECURITY!
Most DNS are open for all kinds of sites and domains, thus making it up to you to filter out what you don’t want to see. By switching your DNS to another provider like OpenDNS (Free) you can subscribe to services like Block Pages Customization, White-/Blacklists, Web Content Filtering and so on.

A very good reason to use a specially customized DNS is that is can be setup on all the computers in your household or company – setting global rules – thus avoiding your kids (or employees) to access material they shouldn’t. Let’s face it, filters and other software installed on your computer can easily be overridden (and kids especially are good at that). Setting the rules on a remote server is a bit trickier to override.

Security an Issue? Change it Once!

If you only want to add extra security and control to your Internet Connection you’ll be happy to change the settings once on each computer.

Once you have set up an account with a DNS provider you need to change (each) computers DNS settings. The Procedure is different on Windows XP and Windows Vista/Seven.

You can find good tutorials here:

SPEED an issue? Change it Often!

If you are more concerned with speed and are constantly tweaking your system to squeeze more juice out of your connection then you should also look to your DNS provider.

A great tool (which is not new by any means) is DnsJumper. The developers recently released a new version (1.0.3 beta).

With several new improvements, DnsJumper has become what I always expected it to be.

The two most important changes; is the ability to add your own DNS settings, and the ability to test all given DNS’s to find which one is faster for your current system (Google also has a tool for this (see here), but having the ability inside this program is way better if you ask me).

DnsJumper does not need any installation. Simply unpack the RAR file and copy the utility to a folder of choice.

DnsJumper, Speed Test

Start up DnsJumper and click on “Fastest Dns”. This will invoke the speed-test where DnsJumper test the connection speed for each DNS-setting in your list (even your custom ones). After it is done, you can choose to change your DNS accordingly. As simple as it gets.

Override ability

For me the possibility to change the DNS on the fly has another great advantage. I want my kids to be safe when they use Internet so I’ve set my OpenDNS account very restrictive. Much so, that my own research abilities gets very limited. After all, many sites that offer free information, software etc. rely on ads to survive – and some display ads I don’t want my kids to see.

By using DnsJumper I can switch to a less restrictive DNS while working, then switch back to the family safe DNS when I’m done, and even, when I leave my computer on, to do other chores. All in a Click.

Download DNS Jumper

Download DNS Jumper

Download DNS Jumper


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Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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11 thoughts on “Change Your DNS with DNS Jumper”

  1. Steve says:

    This version of DNSJumper dosen’t work on my Vista Home Premium 64-bit? The older version works fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. Steve says:

    This version of DNSJumper dosen’t work on my Vista Home Premium 64-bit? The older version works fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

  3. Steve says:

    This version of DNSJumper dosen’t work on my Vista Home Premium 64-bit? The older version works fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

  4. Gregg L. DesElms says:

    Another very interesting tool of this type is Gibson Research's freeware “DNS Benchmark.”

    SEE: http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm

  5. Steve says:

    Still no 64-Bit support.
    Also, as far as determing your best nameserver, the Gibson Research “DNS Benchmark” program is far superior. It comes with a boatload of servers to check besides the ones you want to enter by hand.

  6. Velociraptor says:

    Please use new version

    Dns jumper v1.04


    [COLOR=”Red”][B]What`s New:[/B]

    1. [ Fixed ] – Antivirus “False Positive” Problems (No UPX and No more False Positive)
    2. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't work on some Vista / windows 7
    3. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't work on some x64 systems
    4. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't work on PE (Preinstalled) Environment
    5. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't recognise some Wlan Cards
    6. Update function added (Press i – info button and then press Update check button)
    7. Backup and restore added (if Dns jumper v1.0.4 First time run, Automatically back up your dns settings) , if you want to restore your settings select Restore (under choose a free DNS Service) and Press apply button
    8. Languages preinstalled
    9. fastest DNS – a bit improved
    10. More Dns (17 to 32) 15 new
    11. No problem with USB modems (till now)
    12. cmd suport added
    13. if dns jumper doesn't recognise your Network card (very rare) can still change dns server settings (choose all Network Cards and press Apply dns button)
    14. German Language added
    15. a few minor visual changes

    CRC32: 4703E887
    MD5: 35E94061CA67104D2B01EFF076384384
    SHA-1: 50F16FEED61CB948360BC81974DE57579023FB81

    [B]Dns jumper is Portable and Freeware[/B]



    Help files:

  7. Rich says:

    Thanks for the update.

    1. Niel_espina says:

      help!! i dd not back up my dns jumper… turns out i cant open my internet anymore… help me please how to solve this problem?? i type cmd command IPCONFIG.. all adapters “media disconnected” whats wrong? any manual way how to restore my dns back to where its correct? it totally mess up my internet connection on my laptop 

      1. Thomas says:

        Right Click your network symbol in the taskbar.
        Choose: “Open Network and Sharing center”

        Click on “Change Adapter Setting” in the left-side pane.

        Right Click your network adapter, Choose Properties.

        Highlight “internet protocol version 4”, choose Properties.

        In the Network tab, make sure both “obtain IP adress automatically” and “obtain Dns Server address automaically” are checked.

        Click Apply.

        Do the same for “internet Protocol version 6” as well if present.

      2. Niel_espina says:

        ok Thanksk mr. Thomas for the reply its ok now, happy new year 2012 to you and your family.. thanks so much for the immediate reply

  8. Tarkan Dost says:

    DnsJUmper v1.0.5 Published
    İt is the world’s first Portable freeware IPv 6 Dns changer
    for more info:

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