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Burn Disk icon FreeBurn MP3 to CD Want a Quick’n'Dirty.. err I mean Easy tool to convert your MP3-Files to Music CD’s ? Look no further. FreeBurn Mp3-CD is the fastest and easiest converter I have seen in a long time.

FreeBurn also supports Wave, Ogg and WMA files, which is why this little application should be worth while your attention.

Download Link in the Article…

Drag and Drop

FreeBurn 500x468 FreeBurn MP3 to CD
It cannot get any easier. Drag and drop your files to the interface, rearrange the files If you so please and Click on Burn Now. A few minutes (or should I say seconds) later – your Music CD is done.

Get it while it’s free I say!

download64 FreeBurn MP3 to CD

Download FreeBurn

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