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We’re Moving Servers (Again)

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Tonight at 8pm (MDT) I will be moving www.mintywhite.com and my other sites to another, more powerful, server. Traffic has increased a lot recently and so has RSS readership. By virtue of higher traffic, I’ve had to turn off full feeds (RSS and email subscribers only see a preview now) and put some heavy caching on the site.


The transition should provide little to no downtime, other than the forums, which will go down tonight and open again sometime tomorrow.

Thank you for your donations

Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far. ALL of the donation money is going in to the new web hosting; however, I may have to put a little advertising on the site soon—my web hosting is getting really expensive—this site is turning into a costly hobby :)

For those that are interested, here’s the new plan I’ll be moving to.

What Next?

Looking for something else?


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Congratulations Rich!




and thinks to inform us

we love this side

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