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Yuuguu Helps You Collaborate Online with Screen Sharing

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If you hold a lot online meetings or if you want a good way to show family members or friends how to complete a task on the computer, you may find Yuuguu a great solution for your needs. Yuuguu is an online collaboration system, which has a free version that is highly functional. I tested this program out with a friend and I am very impressed with its capabilities and want to share it with mintywhite readers.

Like an Instant Messaging Program with Screen Sharing

My first impressions of the program is that it’s like an instant messaging program with screen sharing capabilities. I took a couple of screenshots while using the program and they are shown below:

Upon logging into the system, I notified my friend wants to communicate with me:

Yuuguu 1

As you can see, this program acts like an instant messaging program:

Yuuguu 2

From there, you can share your screen and even control your computer. An example of how this can be useful is as follows: if you have a couple of family members who wanted learn how to use a program, you can have them join you and they can watch you demonstrate the task they’re trying to learn. From there, they can try the same function while you watch and help them along the way.

Yuuguu is still a relatively new program but shows great promise and I highly recommend it.

Download Yuuguu

Download Yuuguu

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1 Response to Yuuguu Helps You Collaborate Online with Screen Sharing


Andrew Donnelly, Mikogo Web Conferencing

Hi Rich,
I just wanted to highlight an easy to use desktop sharing app that may interest you for mintywhite. Mikogo is a freeware app for online meetings, web conferencing and remote support. Share your screen live over the Web with others, while enjoying the Mikogo features: switch presenter, remote keyboard/mouse control, whiteboard, recording, scheduler, file transfer, and more. It’s very easy to use, secure, and cross-platform.
I’d happily send you more info for mintywhite, so please feel free to contact me of alternatively drop by http://www.mikogo.com.


Andrew Donnelly
The Mikogo Team
Twitter: @Mikogo

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