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Windows Seven 7: Manage Portable Devices [How To]

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portable devices 00 Windows Seven 7: Manage Portable Devices [How To]

Windows 7 comes with a new interface to manage your portable devices and printers. This is a great way to manage all the gadgets we seem to have these days and in this guide, you’ll get a sneak peak at the interface and learn some of the things you can do through it.

Note: These guides are written for the Windows Seven Ultimate RC1 (build 7100.) As further builds are released, these guides may be subject to change and will be updated accordingly. If the methods described below do not work, please don’t hesitate to ask our experts in the forums.

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The Devices and Printers Manager

To access the Devices and Printers manager, do the following:

  1. Click the Start button, type dev, and click on Devices and Printers
  2. From this interface, you can manage your devices

    Manage Portable Devices wit Windows 7 - 1

Functions of the Devices and Printers Manager

I find this interface useful to do the following:

  • Run autoplay on your file storage devices
  • Troubleshoot faulty devices and printers
  • Manage print queues
  • Browse files on your devices
  • Add and remove devices and printers to and from your system

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