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Top 10 Vista Sidebar Gadgets

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Vista sidebar gadgets are very need specific and there is a great selection to suit your needs. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, this list is for you – providing the best gadgets available for the every day user.

Multi Meter (Dual Core) v1.25a

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets This gadget shows CPU usage % (for 2 cores ), RAM Usage %, RAM info (total, used, amount left.) Great tool for monitoring the state of your PC.
Download Multi Meter (Dual Core) v1.25a Here

App Launcher

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets Launch applications from the sidebar by clicking the icons. Easily change the background or add your own custom backgrounds. Too many features to list!
Download App Launcher Here

Control System With Search

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets With this Control System With Search you can simply control standby, shutdown, restart, logoff or hibernate your Computer from your Windows Sidebar. And also contains 16 skins.
Download Control System With Search Here

RSS To Speech

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets This software downloads RSS feeds from any Web sites and then reads them using Text-to-Speech and shows the feeds on good-looking black screen. After installation the program will use default computer’s voice. Now it is possible to set speech speed and volume.
Download RSS To Speech Here

Facebook Photos

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets Slideshow of your friend’s photos, and easy photo upload.
Download Facebook Photos Here

Wireless Network Monitor

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets This gadget displays your wireless network’s current status and details, such as the Connection Status, SSID, Signal Strength and Security Status. When opened, the gadget displays the SSID and Signal Strength. Click on the SSID to open the details flyout for all the network details.
Download Wireless Network Monitor Here

Atom/RSS News Reader

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets A gadget that lets you get a sneak preview of your favorite feeds around the web. You can have the latest news, the latest posts from your favorite blogs, the latest posts from your favorite forums, the latest e-mails, etc, all in one gadget.
Download Atom/RSS News Reader Here

Imp’s Drive Info

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets This gadget allows you to monitor one or more of your PC’s drives. You also get quick access to the drives monitored by clicking on drive’s icon.
Download Imp’s Drive Info Here

Goal Tracker

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets Track your goals from your Windows Vista sidebar! Happy, healthy and productive. It’s what most employers want of their employees, and for good reason: more gets done, and health care costs are lower. And the fortunate thing is, most employees want exactly the same thing. Limeade was founded on the belief that clinical health, well-being and organizational health are inextricably related.We call this employee vitality, and we give companies the scientifically-proven tools they need to measure and improve it. Employees use Limeade to understand and take charge of their own well-being, connecting with the people, tools and resources they need to improve. Limeade’s modular, adaptable approach allows employers to implement just the right solution for them. Deployment is a snap, and the user experience is cohesive and engaging.
Download Goal Tracker Here

Sidebar Pong

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets Play a pong clone on the Windows Sidebar. It’s difficult, but possible to win. Concentrate!
Download Sidebar Pong Here

BONUS: Visual Studio 2008 Tip of the Day

Top 10 Windows Sidedbar Gadgets Daily tips on using Visual Studio 2008.
Download Visual Studio 2008 Tip of the Day Here

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13 Responses to Top 10 Vista Sidebar Gadgets



Nice Gadgets !!


Stressed Up json

Great bells and whistles, especially about monitoring your computrs status from your desk-top. Theses are anxiety relievers like gauges on the dashboard of your hi-perf car.



Cool :)



Imp’s Drive Info is *very* buggy. All of the other similar Drive Information Widgets share the same problems (shared code?). It works great, but after a day or two, your CPU utilization runs up to well over 50% (on my dual core) because of this app. I’ve seen others claim that there is a memory leak as well.



Phugger — thanks for the heads up



me gustaria que sacaran mas gdgets de los que hay pero me gusta mucho la pagina



Some good gadgets here.



Nice addons



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