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Remove Shortcut Overlay Arrow Icon in Vista [How To]

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Windows, by default, put a small arrow on shortcuts to indicate they are a shortcut and not a file. This feature is very useful and can help you determine what type of file you are dealing with. If you are customizing your desktop or a folder, you may not want these shortcut overlay icons as they may ruin your design. In this guide, you’ll learn how to remove the icons from the shortcuts with a simple program.

Using Vista Shortcut Manager

A simple solution to removing shortcut overlay icons is to use Vista Shortcut Manager. This program is a small download and allows you to customize the icon or remove it completely. Examples of the effects of this program are seeing below:

The program allows you to simply choose which style icon you want:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 1

This is how the standard shortcut overlay looks:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 2

This is how the overlay looks with a light arrow:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 3

This is how the overlay looks with no arrow:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 4

Download Vista Shortcut Manager

Download Vista Shortcut Manager (Vista 32 bit only)

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2 Responses to Remove Shortcut Overlay Arrow Icon in Vista [How To]



I’ve just installed window7 on my computer and my windows index score is reading 5.9. my cpu & memory are reading 7.1 and my graphics is redaing 6.4. my disk drive on the other hand is only reading 5.9. I have a (WD)500GB & a(WD)terabyte drive. I’ve installed windows on both the drives and still get the same all around reading. I’ve done the disk cleanup and the defrag,But still can”t seem to get above 5.9.
If anyone has any suggestions I sure would appreciate it!



Hi James,
Please post any question you have have in the forums.
This is for comments on the shortcut tutorial Rich has written. ;)

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