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Shape Collage Styles Your Photo Collection

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If you have a lot of personal photos and want to present them in a classic and fun way, Shape Collage may be just the tool you are looking for. Shape Collage creates a collage by taking a bunch of photos and moving them around on a page so that they form a shape. Making collages can be fun but can also be time consuming as you attempt to place the pictures so they can all be seen. Shape Collage take the hard work out of this process and produces great effects.

Example of Shape Collages Results

When I see a program that can be useful for mintywhite readers, I always test it extensively first. This ensures that I only share highest quality programs; I also get to try some of the great functions these programs provide. An example of what Shape Collage can produce is shown below:

Shape Collage produces photo collages

Download Shape Collage

Download Shape Collage

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1 Response to Shape Collage Styles Your Photo Collection



Now I really like that and I may use it on my ice gallery page. There is a similar program with Photobucket. I’ve used it at Photobucket to make slideshow collages. Each picture is larger and highlighted when you put your curser over it. What I like about Shape Collage, though, is how each picture actually looks like a photo taken with a camera. I like the white border around the photos!

Thanks, Rich! :)

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