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Free Clipboard History Manager for Windows (ClipX)

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Free Clipboard History Manager for Windows (ClipX)

ClipX is a free piece of software that allows you to collect multiple items on your clipboard. You can then pick and choose which one to paste, either through a mouse selection or use of a hotkey. ClipX allows you to copy both text and images.

ClipX Features

• Change how many items to remember on the clipboard (up to 1024)
• Choose a sound to play when a clipboard entry is recorded
• Enable multi-user or multi-session support

Download ClipX

Get a copy of ClipX here

ClipX Plugins

• ClipX Stickies Plugin 1.8: Keeps a list of permanent entries at the bottom of your history.
• ClipX Auto Update Plugin 1.5: Automatically checks for and downloads the latest version of ClipX.
• ClipX Limits Plugin 1.1: Lets you ignore some clipboards based on size in memory.

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5 Responses to Free Clipboard History Manager for Windows (ClipX)


M Mack

Very useful and works a treat



This is a cool, simple tool!! I wish I’d found this before!


Charles Kenton

I could swear MS Office comes with something like this??



This is so much more useful than then the office clipboard manager that only works with office software. I always copy and paste a ton of stuff so this is a great find!


Ned Cross

Thanks, it’s always a pain switching between two copied items

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