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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7

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If you are running Windows XP and want your system to look more like Windows 7, then this guide is for you. Vishal Gupta, Microsoft MVP at askvg.com has made a simple installer to change Windows XP, visually, into Windows 7. His instructions are clear and simple, so head on over and learn how to make Windows XP look like Windows 7.

Below is a screenshot of my XP desktop with the first stage of the transformation. I think it looks really good and you can have this effect too.

Screenshot of Seven Refresh

Transfrom Windows XP to Windows 7 without Using a Transformation Pack

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2 Responses to Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7


Vishal Gupta

Thanks for putting it here. :)

PS: Just noticed the MVP logo. Congratulations mate, you really deserve it.

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