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Change Vista’s Computer (OEM) Information [How To]

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If you would like to change the information about your computer without hacking the registry, then you may use Vista Visual Master. Find out more about Vista Visual Master.

Download Vista Visual Master

If you don’t already have Vista Visual Master, download it here

Change Vista's Computer (OEM) Information

Changing Your Computer Information

Changing your computer information is simple–just do the following:

  1. Open Vista Visual Master
  2. Click on OEM Information
  3. Change the information to anything you wantChange OEM information in Vista 1
  4. Press Save

Viewing Your Changes

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Right click on Computer and select Properties
    Change OEM information in Vista 2
  3. View the new information
    Change OEM information in Vista 3

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5 Responses to Change Vista’s Computer (OEM) Information [How To]


Vishal Gupta


I’ll request not to use this software as the developer is a shameless content stealer. He has copied the following tutorial from my site AskVG.com:


And pasted at his site:


No credit, no source. Even I tried to contact him but no reply.

We should not support a person who doesn’t respect other work.

Coming to the topic, you can also do it manually using following tutorial:


Vishal Gupta
Microsoft MVP



Thanks for the heads up Vishal



Look, i’ve found a video on how to do this: http://hackyourwindows.com/How-to-add-custom-OEM-information-to-Windows-Vista-100.html

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