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HTC Home Gadget 2.4 [Freeware]

Posted by Thomas On April - 9 - 2011

Remember I told you about the HTC Home weather gadget (Here) a while back? HTC Home is a Desktop Gadget developed to look like the weather and clock gadget found on the HTC phones. Last time I wrote about it, version 2 was still in Beta. I recently decided to check back with the developers and found that they have recently released version 2.4.

The New and improved

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Enable or Disable Aero Peek Function in Windows 7 [How To]

Posted by Rich On December - 6 - 2010

New in Windows 7, Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision, so you can peer past all your open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop. Simply move your mouse over the little transparent rectangle in the lower right corner of your screen—and watch open windows instantly turn transparent, revealing all your hidden icons and gadgets. That’s a fast way to find files on your desktop, or get a peek at the latest traffic report.

If, however, you don’t want to use Aero Peek or if you find yourself accidentally activating it when your mouse works it way in to the bottom right corner of your screen, you can easily disable (and enable) it again.

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What’s Going on in Windows Forums?

Posted by Stu On November - 29 - 2010

Windows Forums is a community for users—from beginners to experts—who learn and share knowledge about Windows and PC’s.

You can get great help and advice from our resident team of super-geeks, browse our community art and tools sections, or just let it all out in the Shoutbox.  It’s entirely up to you.


Here’re some interesting topics you may want to check out.  Feel free to jump in on the discussion! Read the rest of this entry »

Your Tips and Tricks Featured [Set 1]

Posted by Stu On November - 28 - 2010

Your Tips and Tricks FeaturedA month ago we let you know we were opening up the forums for your tips and tricks.  We’ve had a slow start but that doesn’t mean there’s a  shortage of quality tips and tricks.

As promised, here’s two of the best so far.  Of course, a big thanks to all who have contributed.

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The Complete Guide to Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Posted by Rich On November - 25 - 2010

Windows 7 Sticky Notes 03In this guide, we show you a bunch of tips and tricks for Sticky Notes, which has received an update for Windows 7. Specifically, we’ll What versions?cover the following:

  • What versions of Windows 7 have Sticky Notes?
  • How do I open Sticky Notes?
  • How do I create a new note?
  • How do I change the color of notes?
  • How do I resize notes?
  • How do I delete a note?
  • How do I change the fonts of a note?
  • How can I backup my notes?
  • How do I format text within my notes?
  • How do I save my notes for later?

If you know of a trick that we missed, please let us know in the comments.

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If you use the Control Panel frequently, you may have noticed you can’t right click the shortcut in the start menu and click Pin to Taskbar. In this guide, I’ll show you how to pin the Control Panel to the taskbar and then pin your favorite apps for quick access.

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