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The HTC Phone has a weather clock application which drizzles, shines and shows clouds depending on your current location. The application stays on the home screen of the phone.

The same application is now available for Windows 7.  Combining a clock, date and weather service, all in one application. What makes this stand out from all the other gadgets it that  the HTC Home Gadget makes heavy use of animations making your entire desktop into a professional weather and news (upcoming widget support) station.

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Being a fan of the HTC phones (yes I have one, the Windows Phone version) I immediately downloaded this to my laptop. I love the weather and clock application on my phone and loved the idea of also having the same functionality on my PC. And my expectations were met.

Version 2.0 ALPHA

The current release is version 1.9 which support 32-bit and 64-bit architecture,  Aero, change of wallpapers, and different weather providers via plug-ins. There is also an upcoming version 2 (which is still in Alpha mode) which promise to support News (RSS ??) and some (yet to be disclosed) other new features.


Read More and Download from here

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6 thoughts on “HTC home Gadget”

  1. Rich says:

    Nice. Thanks for sharing Thomas.

  2. Taylor Ling says:

    Now is already version 1.8. =) Really looking forward to 2.0 Alpha.

  3. Tempersfugue says:

    It’s up to version 1.9 now with the version 2.0 Alpha as an option. I’m trying the 1.9. I tried an earlier version, which I really liked, but after a routine reboot it continually crashed so I had to uninstall.

    1. Anonymous says:

      1.9 already ??
      These guys really mean business :-)
      I’ll do a follow up when 2.0 comes out

  4. Dbrown0150 says:

    What’s the secret to forcing it off of NYC? I’m in Metro Detroit and in Settings, it won’t take it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      If you haven’t already, upgrade to version 1.9.
      There was an issue in the earlier version that “forgot” your location.

      You may also change “New York” to any default location by editing the file called: en-US.xaml, which you will find in the “Localization” folder.

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