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New to using the command prompt? Check out the Windows Command Prompt Beginner’s Guide

Earlier today, we looked at how to launch the command prompt in Windows and how to run it with elevated permissions as an administrator. Now, we’ll learn how to customize the user interface of the command prompt. Specifically, we’ll learn the following:

  • How to Customize the Command Prompt
  • How to run a Transparent Command Prompt

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On a brand new system (freshly installed) Burning CD’s and DVD’s in Windows 7 is a very fast and enjoyable experience. Then something happens, you suddenly experience that Windows 7 takes for ever to complete a burn session. Some have experienced it taking up to 2,5 hours to complete a DVD. Which would mean a transfer rate of about 370 kb pr. second. where about 4,500 kb pr. second  (15-17 minutes) is considered slow.

What happened ?

There can be a number of reasons, but what you experience might be that your computer (or the device controller) has switched from DMA-Mode to PIO-mode.

Say what?

I’d thought you’d say that. Before we get into how to fix it – let’s look into what DMA and PIO are. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Open the Command Prompt in Windows [Quick Tip]

Posted by Rich On August - 31 - 2010

New to using the command prompt? Check out the Windows Command Prompt Beginner’s Guide

Many guides on this site require you to run commands on the command prompt. This guide is written to show you how to open the command prompt. Specifically, in this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to open a command prompt in Windows.
  • How to run the command prompt as an Administrator.

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53 Free Apple, OSX, & OSX Leopard Style PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Posted by Rich On August - 30 - 2010

Icons Showcase 15

This week, we have a collection of apple inspired icon packs. You can use these icons for Windows customization, web sites, applications, mobile apps, posters, and more; however, just because the pack is free doesn’t mean there’s no attached license. Please be sure to check the license for each pack you download as each differs. The license should be available from the site you’re led to and often it’s in the download. If you know of any good icon packs to include in this genre, please let me know. Looking for a different genre? Desktop icon pack collections organized by genre.

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Desktop Icon Pack Collections Organized by Genre

Posted by Rich On August - 30 - 2010

As there are so many icon packs on this site now and it can be hard to find the ones you like. To help you dig through icon packs here on Windows Guides, I’ve divided the packs up into 8 genres. Today we released the Free Apple, OSX, & OSX Leopard Style PNG/ICO Icon Pack and we’ll release a new collection every Tuesday, starting next week, for the next 7 weeks. Want to be the first to know when the latest collection is released? So here’s today’s (check back Tuesday for more great icons or read the rest of the guide to see the other genre’s we have coming up):

Apple, OSX, & OSX Leopard Style PNG/ICO Icon Packs

Icons Showcase 15

Application & Program PNG/ICO Icon Packs

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Use RSS Feeds as Desktop Background [How To]

Posted by Thomas On August - 30 - 2010

Back in Windows XP you had a feature called Active Desktop to easily take care of features such as using a webpage as your wallpaper. This has been taken off Windows since Vista and there is no inbuilt program or utility that will let you add an RSS slide show theme. So you have to do some manual work to get it working. I’m sure that wont scare you off, now does it ?

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