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Icons Showcase 12

This week, we have a collection of application application icon packs. You can use these icons for Windows customization, web sites, applications, mobile apps, posters, and more; however, just because the pack is free doesn’t mean there’s no attached license. Please be sure to check the license for each pack you download as each differs. The license should be available from the site you’re led to and often it’s in the download. If you know of any good icon packs to include in this genre, please let me know. Looking for a different genre? Desktop icon pack collections organized by genre.

Photoshop CS3 icons

Free Icon Pack 158 Set 19

iSuite Revoked

Free Icon Pack 93 Set 16

Aqua X

Free Icons & Packs for Your Dock

Office 2007 Icons

High Quality Icon Packs

Rino Icons for Docks

High Quality Icon Packs

Stilrent Icon Set

30 Free Icon Packs

Crystal Icon Set

30 Free Icon Packs


30 Free Icon Packs

Ps Style icon pack

30 Free Icon Packs

Adobe CS3 Icon Pack

30 Free Icon Packs

WMP 12 Concept Icon Pack

30 Free Icon Packs

Black Pearl

Icons Showcase


Icons Showcase 13

170 dock icons

Icons Showcase 17

wooden icons

Icons Showcase 9

“VLC, glassy icon”

1 Icons in PNG format (512×512 & 1024×1024)
Icon Pack Set 33

Simply Safari Icon

“1 Icon in .ICO and .PNG formats (16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128, 256×256 & 512×512)”
Icon Pack Set 25

VLC Beam

Icons Showcase 12

globe-white icons for browsers

Icons Showcase 18

isabi for Windows

Icons Showcase 13

Arzo Icons Vol.2

Icons Showcase 12

Black glamour

Icons Showcase 8

Blue whales 2006

Icons Showcase 5

Function Free Icon Set

Free Icon Sets - Collection 10 - 13

Web Browsers Icon Set

Free Icon Sets - Collection 10 - 14

Web 2.0rigami

Free Icon Sets - Collection 10 - 15

DESIGN for: psdbox.pl

Free Icon Sets - Collection 11 - 7

DI – Folder Icons

Free Icon Pack 5 Set 12

Adobe Creative Suite 4

Free Icon Pack 1 Set 12

Exempli Gratia

Free Icon Pack 2 Set 12

Globe 2

Free Icon Pack 37 Set 13

Qure for Adobe Creative Suite

Free Icon Pack 60 Set 14


Free Icon Pack 42 Set 14

Lucid: Icons

Free Icon Pack 79 Set 15

GP iCons

Free Icon Pack 71 Set 15

Browsers Compass Icon Pack UD

Free Icon Pack 90 Set 16


Free Icon Pack 87 Set 16

MS Office 2007 Icons Pack

Free Icon Pack 120 Set 17

140 Stone Tile Icons

Free Icon Pack 116 Set 17

iSuite Revoked Animated PNG

Free Icon Pack 113 Set 17

The Browser Icons

Free Icon Pack 106 Set 17

Adobe:Round icons

Free Icon Pack 138 Set 18

Drop Box Icon

Free Icon Pack 155 Set 19

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7 thoughts on “43 Application & Program PNG/ICO Icon Packs”

  1. Quaz1957 says:

    do any of these iconsets have their own installers for easy application ??

  2. Rich says:

    No. These icon packs are not tied to any commercial software like IconPackager.

  3. josinchu says:

    thank a lots

  4. Yurtdışı Eğitim says:

    What a great icon collection. I like it very much, thanks a lot.

  5. Adnan says:

    how can i use these icons in windows 7 instead of default icons???

  6. harshal says:

    thnx for the lot’s of iconsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. Amit Sony says:

    thanx for lots of gud icons… :-)

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