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Advice on Getting Yourself Anti-virus Software

Posted by Spazz On August - 25 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

A colleague of mine recently asked me to have a look at his personal Notebook. He has a virus infection on the PC and doesn’t know how to get rid of it.

He dropped the Notebook off at my house after work one evening and I had a look. Immediately several screens popped-up at me screaming about all the infections on the machine. I found this strange as I didn’t know the program spewing out these warnings.

After a bit of research on Google I found that this was one of those programs enticing the user to download for free. Once installed, it produces false-positives so the user will be scared into purchasing it. I removed the offending program, and updated the perfectly good antivirus and firewall software on the machine, scanned the entire notebook to find no major threats.

All the user needs to do now is to purchase a new annual license and he is good to go.

My advice is to ensure you have one of the major anti-virus programs installed, preferably with a firewall built-in. It is quite easy to read-up on different antivirus software programs online by simply asking Google.

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Microsoft Office 15 in the Making

Posted by Stu On August - 20 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

IDI SHELL 4 256x256x32 Microsoft Office 15 in the Making

According to several online sources.  Microsoft have officially started to work on Office 15.  They have already hit a preliminary internal assembly (Pre-Alpha); MSO_v15_1 & MSO_v15_2.

The sources indicate that new features and direction of development won’t be clear for another …

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Windows Forums member, Ang087, received a Word document that wouldn’t open in her version of Microsoft Word. To fix the problem, she downloaded the “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats.”

Learn more about the compatibility pack and download it here.

auto publish apps17 Run Windows XP Mode Applications in Windows 7 [How To]

The latest version of Microsoft Virtual PC lets you run applications installed on your virtual Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 without loading the whole operating system in the background. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to turn on Auto Publish to view programs on Windows 7’s start menu.
  • How to run Windows XP Mode applications in Windows 7.
  • How to add XP Mode programs to Windows 7’s start menu.
  • How to exclude XP Mode programs from Windows 7’s start menu.

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106 Share Files Between Your Host Machine and XP Mode [How To]When you’re using Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, you’ll likely need to access files on your host (Windows 7) machine. Luckily, Windows Virtual PC makes this really easy and there’s not much you have to do. In this guide, I’ll show you how to access your files in the intended way and also show you a trick that will make file sharing between the two operating systems even easier. Specifically, this guide covers the following topics:

  • Basic file sharing.
  • Customizing file sharing.
  • Sharing removable devices (USB drives.)
  • Send files to your host machine via the “Send to” menu.

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free music online Mute System Sounds when Playing Music or Movies in Windows 7 [Quick Tip]

Playing music while you work makes a day at the office much more pleasant. However having the usual system sounds interrupt the music can be quite annoying. Especially if you use programs that constantly beeps or make disturbing sounds. The old-school solution would be to disable system sounds all together. In Windows 7 there’s a faster way…

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