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Playing music while you work makes a day at the office much more pleasant. However having the usual system sounds interrupt the music can be quite annoying. Especially if you use programs that constantly beeps or make disturbing sounds. The old-school solution would be to disable system sounds all together. In Windows 7 there’s a faster way…

Volume Mixer

Right-Click the speaker icon in your System Tray, and choose Volume Mixer. In the Volume dialog window you now see the volume lever for each application that use sounds. Beneath each lever is a speaker icon. Clicking an icon will mute the selected channel. Clicking it at again will enable it.

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3 thoughts on “Mute System Sounds when Playing Music or Movies in Windows 7 [Quick Tip]”

  1. RSVR85 says:

    Make consider adding this guide to the [Quick-Tip]s instead of a [How-To]?

  2. TuneUp says:

    Thanks for the tip Thomas. As an office worker who uses messenger but also listens to music, I’ve never enjoyed hearing a “beep” noise interrupt my favorite song. Your tip seems easy, but how do you know which channel to mute?

  3. Thomas_mintywhite says:

    EACH running program or service (that play sound), will appear in the Volume Mixer. You can identify them by their icon. If you like you may adjust the volume level instead of just mute.

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