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A comprehensive review of the successor to Trillian Astra: Trilian 5. Sporting a simplistic GUI revamped for Windows Vista/7, optimized plugins, and a variety of new features; Trillian 5 proves to be a strong competitor in the field of Instant Messengers, and a potential leader in the industry.

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  • Simplified user interface.
  • Synchronized activity history.
  • Ability to use multiple IM services with one program.
  • Free (Pro subscription required for Pro features).
  • Native look and feel for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.
  • New Trillian accounts get a free 30 day Pro subscription.
  • Supports Windows 7 jumplists.


  • Still lacks Webcam and Microphone support for Windows Live.
  • Beta doesn’t grant everyone use of Pro features like Trillian 4 beta did.

VERDICT: Great product! Recommend to all who are looking for a multi-IM client.

PRICE: Free – $25 for Pro (on sale for $15!)

VERSION REVIEWED: 5.0 Build 22 Pro

DOWNLOAD: Trillian Beta

Trillian 5 – Pros

Free version VS Pro version

Just like its predecessor, Trillian 5 has two versions. A free version, which lacks some desired features for most. As well as a Pro version, which grants you all features. Right now, the Pro version is $15 with a special sale, $10 to upgrade from Trillian Astra 4.x Pro. Pro users get quick technical support via e-mail from Cerulean Studios as well. When you purchase a Pro subscription, that subscription lasts the entire 5.x lifetime.

Free users get the use of the basic features. Changing the color scheme, activity history syncing, free users will not be able to use them. Among other features. Still, even as a basic program it is still better then what other competitors have to offer.

Ability to use Multiple IM Services

As of now, Trillian supports the following services – Astra, AIM, Bonjour, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, Mail, MySpaceIM, Skype, Twitter, Windows Live, Yahoo!

New Trillian Accounts Get a Free 30 Day Subscription to Pro

When you create a new user account with Cerulean Studios, you get to use Pro features for 30 days. You can continue to use Pro after those 30 days are over if you pay the $25 ($15 right now, on sale!) fee for Pro, or let it run out and continue using the free version.

Simplified User Interface

Ever since Trillian Astra 4.0, a lot of users complained about the default user interface. With responses such as “Its to bloated!” or “Its ugly!!!”. Cerulean Studios listened and took a new approach with Trillian 5. A comparison below shows the remarkable differences between the two version.

Trillian 5 – Cons

Lack of Webcam/Microphone support for Windows Live

This was a promised feature in Trillian Astra 4.2, still has yet to be delivered as promised. I’m very disappointed to see this feature not implemented yet.

All users must pay for pro features in the Beta

I’m all for supporting Cerulean Studios and paying them for features, but if they want an accurate beta test they should allow/permit all users or at least Trillian AStra Pro users use of Pro features in Trillian 5, this is another disappointment.

Final Verdict

Cerulean Studios has made a great start with Trillian 5, while I’m still disappointed with lack of Windows Live Audio/Video support. I’m sure it is something they will sort out in future revisions of Trillian 5. If you choose to use the free version, or the pro version. I’m sure you’ll love this program.

(Comparison of 4.x (left) vs 5.x (right))

Download Trillian Beta

Download Trillian Beta

Download Trillian Beta

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3 thoughts on “Trillian 5 Public Beta Supports Multiple IM Accounts, Windows 7 Jumplists, and More”

  1. Taylor Ling says:

    I have to say I love Trillian 5 Beta very much, especially it looks so integrated to Windows 7. Hopefully the final version is better than what they offered currently.

  2. SRChiP says:

    I really like the faceook and twitter tray icons Trillian had added.
    Cerulean Studios did a nice thing by showing more stuff within less space than in previous versions. Specially in IRC, you can see more chat messages at once, than in 4.x .

  3. blackrosemd1 says:

    I love the new icons as well…much better looking. The free features vs. the Pro features…well, that's what you have to deal with if you don't pay. Another great job by CS…now they just need to get out an Android version.

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