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Netflix is an on-demand media streaming service accessible in the US, UK, Canada and many other countries. It is a subscription based service and is available on major platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android and more. In general, any device that can access the internet using a web browser can access the Netflix service. Almost all the movies and TV serials are available on Netflix and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. My personal favorite serial on Netflix is the Supernatural series. I can watch one episode after another of Supernatural on Netflix for hours. The only trouble being that I have to get up and click on the Next Episode link to start playing the next episode in the series. Now you can use autoFlix software to automatically switch to the next episode in the series, as soon as the current episode ends.

autoFlix is a tiny tool developed by the BlueShirt software development. It is an open source script designed using AutoHotKey. You can download the source code and try running it through AutoHotKey, but if you do not want to bother with AutoHotKey, then you can just purchase the ready-to-run software from the BlueShirt software website at a small cost. autoFlix is available both for Windows and Mac operating systems.

After you have installed autoFlix on your Windows system, it places an icon in the notification area. It runs in the background doing nothing. But when you watch a TV or movie series in NetFlix in your browser and the current episode ends, autoFlix automatically clicks the Next Episode button in the browser to play the next episode in the series. This saves you from the trouble of getting up from your comfortable couch or bed and clicking the button. You can enjoy watching the series without getting interrupted and have hours of fun.

autoFlix also offers advanced settings which you can access by right-clicking on its notification area icon and choosing Settings. In the General settings window, you can choose to auto-run it on Windows startup, and enable the Anti-Sleep mode which prevents the Windows from entering into the sleep or stand-by mode. In the Timer section, you can choose the timer to cancel automatically episode switching after you have watched a preset number of episodes in a series or after you have watched Netflix for a preset amount of time. You can also choose to automatically shutdown Windows in the timer options.

So if you are a Netflix fan and often find yourself manually switching to next episode, then you are going to love autoFlix. It is not free but offers a great convenience at a small price.

Download autoFlix

Download autoFlix

Download autoFlix ($5) (Use coupon code MINTYWHITE for a complimentary download of autoFlix!—Save $5)

About Sudesh

Sudesh has always been curious about computers and technology. Loves to play with both Windows and Linux. Likes to help people solve their computer problems. Has written technical articles and tutorials for some websites including MintyWhite.

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9 thoughts on “Automatically Watch Next Episode in Netflix Using autoFlix”

  1. mrg3dit2002 says:

    the autoFlix $5. off code is not working

    1. Rich says:

      Thanks mrg3dit2002, I have contacted the app developers to see if we can get it fixed. Stay tuned.

      1. jason stallings says:

        I put 10 on there to start with. Just loaded another 10. You should be good to go.

      2. Rich says:

        Thanks Jason

      3. Jessica Pate says:

        Is this expired now?

      4. Rich says:

        Apologies for the late response. Yes, the offer is now expired. I’ve updated the guide to clarify.

  2. amlenke says:

    Is this offer still valid… it’s genius and I need it..

  3. Davy Jones says:

    Reflix is a similar program. Hasn’t had problems yet.


    1. Jason Stallings says:

      autoFlix is now free, and has no issues either.

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