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StickyPasswordUnfortunately, many Internet users do not understand the necessity of using different, strong passwords for each site. A strong password should be at least ten characters long and should not use any dictionary word. But using so many different strong passwords for each site brings forth another problem – how do you memorize all of them? Fortunately, a free software StickyPassword presents an easy solution. Sticky Password is a centralized password manager, password generator and automatic form filler for all the popular web browsers. It can generate very strong passwords, store the login credentials of different websites in one place and share them with all the web browsers.

When you install StickyPassword, it asks you for a master password. This master password is required for you to unlock and access the stored login credentials. This way you have to remember only one password instead of dozens of them. Using a master password also prevents just about anybody from accessing your stored login credentials. You should never forget this master password.

Sticky Password

StickyPassword integrates smoothly with different web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and many more. It also supports various other applications like Skype and Mozilla Thunderbird. When you try to login to a website by entering your username and password, StickyPassword takes over and asks you to save your account – which stores not only the user name and password but also the login webpage address and other options.


Unlike the password managers of different browsers, StickyPassword shares passwords stored in it with all the supported browsers and applications, so you do not have to worry about which browser you saved the password in. Just click on the StickyPassword icon in a web browser and select the account from the list login. StickyPassword will do the rest – it will open the correct login page, enter the credentials and select the options (if you selected any, during previous login) and automatically log you on to that site.


You can also open the StickyPassword interface, which lists all the stored accounts. The accounts can be organized into groups like Work, Personal etc. You can select an account and click on the Launch button next to it. This opens the appropriate login page in your default web browser and signs you on automatically using the saved password information.


Apart from the password manager, StickyPassword can also manages your bookmarks. You can even import bookmarks and passwords from other web browsers into StickyPassword. To import the bookmarks and the passwords stored by the built-in password managers of various browsers, you can open the StickyPassword window, select the Quick Access section and then click on the Import button. This opens an Import data window where you can load the data for a web browser and then select which data you want to import.


The Password Generator feature of StickyPassword is very useful in generating extremely strong passwords. It can generate passwords of up to 99 characters in length containing only uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numerals. You can also add additional non-alphanumeric characters if you want to make the generated password even stronger.


The free edition of StickyPassword has a limitation of storing only 15 web accounts and one identity. They also offer a Pro edition which has no such limitations and can store as many web accounts as you want. The Pro edition comes as a trialware that you can use for 30 days, after which you can buy the license for only $29.99.

StickyPassword is an excellent password manager, password generator and automatic form filler. It is an indispensable tool for everyone who uses the internet. If you do not want to install it on your computer then you can create a portable USB key edition from within the StickyPassword interface and take your passwords anywhere you go. It can not only protect your saved passwords from the prying eyes, but also saves your time that you would have otherwise wasted in entering the login information on various websites.

Download StickyPassword

Download StickyPassword

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