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A comprehensive review of the successor to Trillian Astra: Trilian 5. Sporting a simplistic GUI revamped for Windows Vista/7, optimized plugins, and a variety of new features; Trillian 5 proves to be a strong competitor in the field of Instant Messengers, and a potential leader in the industry.

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Daniusoft Video Converter – Free

Posted by DarkNovaGamer On April - 21 - 20107 COMMENTS

Daniusoft Video Converter Free, is a program that will let you convert video files from one file type to another. Unlike most video converters, this one is free. Which is really a big deal. Most companies cringe at the thought of giving their software out for free, Daniusoft on the other hand actually gives us a useful program that will not burn a hole in our pocket.
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Trillian Astra 4.2 Beta

Posted by DarkNovaGamer On April - 16 - 2010Comments Off on Trillian Astra 4.2 Beta

Trillian Astra 4.2 Beta, is the next phase in Cerulean Studio’s progress towards a better Instant Messaging client.

Cerulean Studio’s is also (for a limited time only) offering their Premium subscription for $10 (original price $25). This subscription will last you the entire 4.x builds. When 5.x comes along it will only cost you $10 to upgrade or you can stick with Trillian 4.x.

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Google Chrome – Software channel breakdown

Posted by DarkNovaGamer On April - 6 - 2010Comments Off on Google Chrome – Software channel breakdown

Chrome is a browser made by Google. Googles idea was this, make a browser that simple, easy to use, and allows us to do what we all want to do. Browse the web! This idea became a reality on September 2nd, 2008.

No one has really explained the Google Chrome Software Channels, at least not to the point of where normal users can understand it. That is what this article is for!

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Trillian Astra – Multi-IM Client

Posted by DarkNovaGamer On March - 30 - 201015 COMMENTS

Trillian Astra, a full featured, multi-IM client developed by Cerulean Studios. Most of its features are simple ones, such as offline messaging, group chats, file transfer with proxying (for those with restrictive firewalls), etc.

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