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Trillian Astra 4.2 Beta, is the next phase in Cerulean Studio’s progress towards a better Instant Messaging client.

Cerulean Studio’s is also (for a limited time only) offering their Premium subscription for $10 (original price $25). This subscription will last you the entire 4.x builds. When 5.x comes along it will only cost you $10 to upgrade or you can stick with Trillian 4.x.

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Trillian 4.2 Beta Screenshot

  • Overall improved startup speeds.
  • New features added.
  • Polished off features.


  • Bugs, but thats to be expected.
  • Default UI is still not as great as it could be.
  • No Audo/Video for Windows Live just yet.

VERDICT: Great so far.

PRICE: Free – Pro Features $25 (on sale for $10)


DOWNLOAD: http://cerulean.cachenetworks.com/trillian-v4.2.0.14.exe

Trillian 4.2 Beta Features

(Taken directly from Cerulean Studio’s blog post on Trillian 4.2 Beta)

  • Windows Live. Trillian now supports signing in to WLM from multiple locations! File transfer speed has been improved (more to come), and mobile messaging is now supported.
  • Notifications. You can now use notifications to directly retweet, reply to a tweet, and interface with mail right away.
  • MetaContact Windows. When talking to a MetaContact, if you receive a message from another of their usernames the window will automatically switch for you.
  • Instant Lookup for Hyperlinks. Move your mouse cursor on top of links to preview. Youtube links will show a preview image, too. Great for detecting NSFW links before you open them in browser, and will even resolve shortened links for you!
  • Instant Lookup for Popular Terms. We now have more up-to-date Wikipedia data, and more relevant links for each popular term detected.
  • Activity History. A polished look and powerful new asset view feature that lets you browse through images sent and received help improve history.
  • Quicker MetaContact Creation. You can now drag and drop one contact on top of another to instantly combine them into a MetaContact.
  • Other Updates. Support for Twitter’s new retweet mechanism, Twitter Lists, a customizable timeout for notification windows, and the return of custom avatar support.
  • Skin Packs. Emoticon and Sound Packs have been moved to a more prominent location in preferences and are easier to change on-the-fly. You can also change contact list icons now with the new Icon Packs.
  • Faster Setup For New Users. We’ve tidied up some of the screens in the installation wizard so new customers can get started more quickly than before!

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