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Firefox Shortcut Keys

You probably spend a decent amount of time surfing the web – that’s why you’re here right now. In this guide we will learn 10 keyboard shortcuts you should be using with Firefox.

ALT+HOME: Quickly go to your home page.

ALT+Left Arrow: Hold ALT and press the left arrow key to go back a page.

ALT+Right Arrow: Hold ALT and press the right arrow key to go forward a page.

ESC: Stop the current page loading.

F5: Refresh the page you are viewing.

SHIFT+F5: Refresh the page a reload the cache. (Useful for web developers who want to see a change in the website without clearing their cache.)

PGUP, PGDN: Use these keys to quickly scan up and down the page.

CTRL+HOME, CTRL+END: Use these keys combinations to jump to the beginning or the end of a page.

CTRL+PGUP, CTRL+PGDN: Switch between tabs effortlessly.

CTRL+W: Close the current tab.

CTRL+T: Open a new tab.

CTRL+SHIFT+T: Re-open a tab that you just closed, or the last five you closed…

CTRL+Click: Hold CTRL and click a link to open the link in a new tab. Great for making sure you don’t lose the page you are currently on. Try it now to open my guide:

SHIFT+Click: Hold SHIFT and click a link to open the link in a new window. Try it now to open my guide: .

CTRL+F: Search for text in a webpage. You can also press “/” for a quick search version.

F11: Browse in full screen mode without the distraction of toolbars.

CTRL+U: View the page source – this is useful for web programmers mainly, but give it a try. This can be useful when trying to mimic someones style if you like what their page looks like.

Finally, you should definitely learn the following three short cuts:

Stop typing www. and .com/.net/.org

CTRL+ENTER: Just type in the website name without the www. and the .com, hit CTRL+ENTER, and the www. and .com will be filled in for you.

SHIFT+ENTER: Do the same as above only this time hit SHIFT+ENTER if the site is a .net address.

CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER : Finally, use his one for .org addresses.

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