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Want a toolbar that comes with an email notifier, radio (which you can use to listen to music from thousands of stations), a mintywhite chat page, a google search box and more? If you do, you can get the mintywhite toolbar here.


  • Search Google, Windows Guides, the dictionary, encyclopedia, software, images, and more.
  • Keep up to date with the latest guides and comments from Windows Guides
  • Chat with other Windows Guides members and learn together
  • Listen to the radio and choose from thousands of stations
  • Get notified of new emails without having your email open all the time
  • Get local weather information at a glance
  • Add shortcuts to common programs
  • Add a privacy component which clears your surfing traces
  • Customize the toolbar to suit your preferences


  • Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox

moz screenshot Get the mintywhite Windows Guides Toolbar download Get the mintywhite Windows Guides ToolbarGet the toolbar here

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  • Jack Culler
    Will someone please walk me through (basics from start to finish) installing new programs on Windows Vista. I am past 80 yrs. of age and am not very computer literate.

    Thank you,
    Jack Culler
  • Jack, which program do you want to install? I'll walk you through how to get the program and how to install it.
  • JROCella
    I have an external hard driver from Trekstor which is not recognized by my notebook (windowns vista 32). Given that I have already tried unstalling and installing the USB "mass storage", changing USB ports. What would you advice me to do next?
  • @JROCella - Try your drive in another PC running Windows Vista. Does it work?
  • bill
    i am trying to download free fonts but cant can anyone help
  • @Bill - What problem are you facing?
  • Shane
    no Opera? *tear rolls down cheek*
  • Tweakwindows
    Excellent work rich.Will give it a try:)
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