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Declutter Firefox

You’re browsing the internet… look at the top of your browser… is a bulk of your page taken up by toolbars? Do you find yourself scrolling a lot on web pages? That’s all about to end.

Grab yourself a snack, sit down, and in ten minutes we’ll have your browser all cleaned up.

Please note this guide is for Firefox, not Internet Explorer. If you do not currently use Firefox, I highly recommend you go get it now.

The image at the top of this post may be extreme, but it highlights the mess toolbars make, and shows how little you actually need. This guide will show you how to condense it all to one line. One line too much? You’ll even learn how to maximize the screen and browse effortlessly.

Declutter Firefox

OK, let’s begin.

First, lets condense the File, Edit, View etc into one button named “Menu“. For this, you’ll need to install TinyMenu as an add-on in Firefox. Go here and click on Install. Then restart your Firefox and come back to this page.

Next you’ll need to learn some shortcut keys. These speed up your browsing a lot – you no longer need to move your mouse over to the buttons and then back again to scroll down the page.

Declutter Firefox

Each of the above buttons have a short cut.

To go back press ALT+Left Arrow Key
To go forward press ALT+Right Arrow Key
To refresh the page press F5
To stop loading the page press Esc
To go to your homepage press ALT+HOME (look to the top right of your keyboard for the HOME button)

Now you can say good bye to your Navigation Toolbar. Right click on the toolbars to bring up the following menu (if it doesn’t come up, try right clicking somewhere else until it does.

Declutter Firefox

Click on Navigation Toolbar to get rid of it, and then click Customize… Now you can move around your old tool bars until they all fit on one line.

Declutter Firefox

Now, right click again and uncheck any unused toolbars.

Declutter Firefox

If you are using the Bookmarks Toolbar, you will need to remove the text from the links (most have an icon you can identify the site by). Simply Right Click on a bookmark, select Properties, and delete the Name field.

Declutter Firefox

To view the page in Full Screen Mode without any toolbars, simply hit the F11 key while in Firefox. When you want the menu back, hit F11 again. Alternatively, you can use a add-on named Fullerscreen – instructions are given in 9 Firefox Add-ons You Must Have

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