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[Giveaway] 3 Copies of Getting StartED Windows 7

Posted by Rich On January - 26 - 20100 Comments

Getting startED Windows 7
Last week, I reviewed Getting StartED Windows 7. This week, I have three (3) copies to give away thanks to Joseph Moran (book author.)

How Do I Win a Copy?

  1. Register for/log in to Windows Forums.
  2. Look for ways to contribute to the community and start posting questions, advice, introductions etc.
  3. On 2 Feb, 2009 @ 8AM ET, the top three (3) posters over the last seven (7) days will win a copy each of the Getting StartED Windows 7.

You have 7 days to be one of the three most frequent posters on Windows Forums and claim this book for yourself. Keep an eye on the top posters list on the front page:

forum competition1 [Giveaway] 3 Copies of Getting StartED Windows 7


I’m not a fan of rules, but in this competition, I must put forward a few:

  1. Absolutely no spamming/pointless posts (I will be keeping an eye out for people whose posts add no value and will, fairly, remove cheaters from the competition.)
  2. Forum Administrators and Moderators are not eligible for this competition.
  3. Entries, from any where in the world, are welcome.
  4. If you want to say “thanks” for a post, please use the Thanks button instead of posting.

forum competition2 [Giveaway] 3 Copies of Getting StartED Windows 7

Happy posting!

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Free Desktop Wallpaper Showcase: Set 72

Posted by Rich On December - 16 - 20090 Comments

Desktop Wallpaper 649 Set 72

A collection of desktop wallpapers for Windows, OS X, and Linux. If you have wallpapers you’ve made yourself or if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments or contact me.

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Typography: Free Stylish Fonts Collection [Set 44]

Posted by Rich On December - 10 - 20090 Comments

Free cash Font - Set 44

If you are making a PowerPoint presentation, poster, graphic, or anything that requires typography, you may find some of these fonts useful. There many free fonts out there but it is often hard to find good ones as there is so much choice and so many fonts are not very high quality. In these collections, I attempt to find the best free fonts out there and provide direct download links to them so you can start using them straight away. If you are unsure of how to install a font, learn here.

More Fonts

Check out more font collections on www.Mintywhite.com. Organize your fonts with Windows Fonts Explorer.

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Windows Vista - Customization Manual Book CoverWindows Vista – Customization Manual v1.3 is available for download. Here’s a list of some of the changes (what I can remember):

  • Major grammar rework (thanks Larry Schwartz for your proof reading.)
  • Linked table of contents and clickable sidebar contents (in compatible PDF readers.)
  • Cross referencing to assist in navigation through the book.
  • Notational conventions to assist in learning.
  • Meets service pack 2 specifications.
  • Broken links updated.
  • More screenshots to assist in learning.
  • Rework of layout, headings, paper size (more printer friendly), and overall consistency.
  • Cleaner cover page.
  • Updated contact details, to get to me, in the back.
Windows 7 - The Pocket Guide

Download Windows Vista – Customization Manual

(Free Newsletter sign up required.)

Direct Link for newsletter subscribers (Instructions for subscribers)

Windows 7 Media Center Customization HandbookRSVR85 and I got together about a month ago and put together the Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook. RSVR85 took his previous Windows 7 Media Center Guides, updated them, and made them even easier to follow. I just put everything together and now it’s online and ready for your reading pleasure.

I’d like to thank RSVR85 for his hard work. This book is fantastic and I can’t wait to update my Media Center PC to Windows 7 so I can put these hacks into effect. His original forum post on the topic helped me customize Windows Vista’s Media Center (and this handbook will work, mostly, for Windows Vista Media Center.)

Download the Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook.

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Windows 7 The Pocket Guide v1.0 Released

Posted by Rich On October - 22 - 20090 Comments

Windows 7 - The Pocket Guide Book Cover

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide v1.0 is now released and ready for download. Preview the book here (v0.2.1.)

Windows 7 - The Pocket Guide

Download Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide (v1.0)
(Free Newsletter signup required.)

Direct Link for newsletter subscribers

Windows 7 – The Pocket Guide v1.0 is now released. v1.0.x will be the final free release of this book. I am currently working on a paid version, with many more guides and tutorials (available on the Amazon Kindle and through an online PDF store.) More about this version to come soon.

What’s New?

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Securely Backup Your Data Online for Free [How To]

Posted by Rich On September - 8 - 20090 Comments

Mozy Home Backup

This is an excerpt from the Windows Guides PC Security Handbook. To learn more or find out other security-related tips, download the PC Security Handbook now.

Data backup is essential. If you’d like to explore local backup options, download my Windows pocket guides. I strongly recommend using online (off-site) backups. Backing up your data online prevents data loss if your computer is damaged or stolen—or if your data is wiped by malware.

Online Data Backup

By far my favorite solution for online backup is Mozy. Mozy offers free online storage (up to 2GB with paid options too.) I’ve had Mozy installed on my laptop for over two years and it has saved me on more than a handful of occasions.

Setup is simple and after downloading Mozy, you can specify what you want to back up and when. Mozy will automate your backups and let you decide when it backs up (specific times), what causes it to back up (low CPU usage), and how often (one, two, three etc. times a day.)

I just let Mozy run and it alerts me after a successful backup:

mozy backup01 Securely Backup Your Data Online for Free [How To]

You can specify what types of files to backup or specify folders— it’s up to you:

mozy backup02 Securely Backup Your Data Online for Free [How To]

Mozy even integrates into My Computer so you can browse and restore your backed up files (even ones you’ve deleted from your computer):

mozy backup03 Securely Backup Your Data Online for Free [How To]

MozyHome Features

  • Open/locked file support: Mozy will back up your documents whether they’re open or closed.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption: The same technology used by banks secures your data during the backup process.
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption: Secures your files while in storage, providing peace of mind that your private data is safe from hackers.
  • Automatic: Schedule the times to back up and MozyHome does the rest.
  • New and changed file detection: MozyHome finds and saves the smallest changes.
  • Backs up Outlook files: Disaster-proof email protection.
  • Block-level incremental backup: After the initial backup, MozyHome only backs up files that have been added or changed, making subsequent backups lightning fast.

Download Mozy for Free

Download MozyHome Free

Download MozyHome Free

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