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Being a geek (Yes I admit), I like to have full control over my computer. I want to know what is running, when it does and why it behaves like that ? I also like to know what (if any) did that program i just installed want to run at startup. And especially since my kids  – without any concern – download and install games, movies and whatnot on my computer (even tho they have their own)  – I really like to know what is booting, and what is slowing me down at present.

If you’re a bit like me – then good news – here is the tool for us: AutoRuns.

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316osuo SevenWatermarkChanger Lets You Add/Change Your Desktop Watermark

If you’d like to add a watermark to your desktop (or customize the one that comes with the near-to-expiration RC), download SevenWatermarkChanger.

What’s Your Windows Experience Index Score?

Posted by Rich On January - 27 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Just bought a new gaming-monster PC? Have the world’s oldest hardware running Windows 7? Share your Windows Experience Index (WEI) score over at Windows Forums.

WEIdetail Whats Your Windows Experience Index Score?

Reset the Notification Area in Windows 7 [How To]

Posted by Stu On January - 27 - 20101 COMMENT

366 Reset the Notification Area in Windows 7 [How To]

A small annoyance in Windows 7 is the fact that it doesn’t remove old notification icons from the taskbar. After a while a lot of old icons will still be present with no obvious way to remove them.  This is easily remedied and this guide will show you how to do it, manually.

[UPDATE]-For those wishing for an automated solution, see here.

This guide does involve editing the registry, please see here before proceeding.

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30 Steps to Building Your Own PC the Right Way

Posted by Scragg1 On January - 26 - 20103 COMMENTS

Build your own PC


Step-1 is to obtain the case from a computer parts warehouse of your choice. I recommend Tiger Direct. Make sure you have planned ahead for your hardware i.e. video cards, memory, memory speed, bus speed, processor, all associated fans for cooling, modem if so desired, hard drives and the chosen size, whether you desire SCSI, SATA, IDE etc. Your DVD/RW, USB devices, Card Readers, what ever hardware you choose make sure that your case is of a good quality and that the power supply is of enough wattage to support all your hardware installed with enough left over as not to tax and overheat the power supply itself. I would recommend at least an overage of 50-100 watts above my hardware requirements.

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[Expired] 3 Copies of Getting StartED Windows 7

Posted by Rich On January - 26 - 20103 COMMENTS

startED 220x220 [Expired] 3 Copies of Getting StartED Windows 7
Last week, I reviewed Getting StartED Windows 7. This week, I have three (3) copies to give away thanks to Joseph Moran (book author.)

How Do I Win a Copy?

  1. Register for/log in to Windows Forums.
  2. Look for ways to contribute to the community and start posting questions, advice, introductions etc.
  3. On 2 Feb, 2009 @ 8AM ET, the top three (3) posters over the last seven (7) days will win a copy each of the Getting StartED Windows 7.

You have 7 days to be one of the three most frequent posters on Windows Forums and claim this book for yourself. Keep an eye on the top posters list on the front page:

forum competition1 [Expired] 3 Copies of Getting StartED Windows 7


I’m not a fan of rules, but in this competition, I must put forward a few:

  1. Absolutely no spamming/pointless posts (I will be keeping an eye out for people whose posts add no value and will, fairly, remove cheaters from the competition.)
  2. Forum Administrators and Moderators are not eligible for this competition.
  3. Entries, from any where in the world, are welcome.
  4. If you want to say “thanks” for a post, please use the Thanks button instead of posting.

forum competition2 [Expired] 3 Copies of Getting StartED Windows 7

Happy posting!

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