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Save Energy when Running Your PC with ASUS EPU-6 Engine Utility

Posted by Scragg1 On January - 31 - 2010

ASUS has a unique software called EPU-6 Engine that monitors your energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your system. I have utilized this software and have found it to be dependable and beneficial. It allows the system to exhibit minimal cooling to maximum cooling, either auto or manual settings. Completely configurable through the GUI, this software is a must for the gaming machine that has many cooling fans.
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Get the Windows Forums Latest Topics Google Chrome Extension

Posted by Rich On January - 30 - 2010

If you’d like to keep up with Windows Forums, right from your browser, you can get the Windows Forums Latest Topics Google Chrome Extension.

More information | Download Extension | Daily Forum Digest Email | Get Google Chrome

How Long Has Your PC Been on for since Last Boot?

Posted by Rich On January - 30 - 2010

How Long Has Your PC Been on for since Last Boot? To check:

  1. Press Winkey+R, type CMD, and press Enter.
  2. Type net stats srv and press Enter.
  3. Look for Statistics since ##/##/###

For me, just over one day:

What about you? Tell us in the forums.

Five-way Battle: Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE8, and Firefox

Posted by NJWest On January - 30 - 2010

Ten years ago, when the web was new and everything was simpler, the choice of what browsers to use was much easier, with the only choice being whether to get NetScape or Internet Explorer.  Now, with the choices so wide, it can often leave a user swamped.  There are 5 main competitors to try and assume the place of your main web-browser. Read the rest of this entry »

Keep Your PC in Top Shape with a Semi-Annual Hardware Cleaning

Posted by Scragg1 On January - 29 - 2010

One of the worst things for any electronic component is “heat”. Cooling is essential for electronic components! Every six months I clean the inside of my system and perform maintenance on the electrical contacts of each card. REMEMBER Grounding is essential always when performing maintenance.

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Download Free, Custom Windows 7 Start Buttons/Orbs

Posted by Rich On January - 29 - 2010

Recently, rsvr85 taught how to customize the Windows 7 start orb. If you’re looking for some custom Start Orb images, find them here on Windows Forums. If you’d like to remove the Start button (and use the Windows key instead), you can do that too.

Custom Start Orb Images

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