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startupdelayer Make your Computer Boot Faster with Startup Delayer

Does your computer boot slowly? If you shut your computer down regularly, this can be a real pain. Anything more than about 45 seconds tests my patience and I’ve used computers this week that took well over five minutes (really not kidding.)

There are three easy things you can do to improve boot time:

  • Remove spyware
  • Remove unnecessary startup programs
  • Delay non-essential programs on startup

In this guide you will learn how to do the latter two of these tasks.

Use Startup Delayer to Reduce Boot Time

Download Startup Delayer

Some programs need to start right away, like your dock or your antivirus program. Some programs can wait; for example: Messenger programs etc.

You can set programs to start up in 1 minute intervals, which will smooth the startup process considerably. The program also acts as a startup manager, allowing you to uncheck programs you don’t want to run at all.

After testing this software on my Windows Vista laptop (Core Duo 1.8 Ghz, 1.5 GB ram), I managed to get a complete startup time (boot to functionality) in 38 seconds (originally 52)… not bad. I have done other things to tweak my laptop, but this is still a real improvement.

Download Startup Delayer

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