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Windows Guides Reader, Keith Johnson, recently downloaded IOBIT Security 360 after I reviewed it earlier this month. Keith liked it so much, he wrote the following review:

Recently, Rich Robinson, MVP and Webmaster of Minty White Dot Com, sent out a most useful piece of information in his website RSS feed. Specifically, Rich informed readers like myself of a utility program called IObit Security 360. Now, I have seen quite a few computer care programs out there, but this program is really cool. What I like most about it is the extremely simple and intuitive user interface. Once you download and install the program and get it running, you will notice four basic buttons on the left pane of the utility: Overview, Scan, Protection and Tools.

IOBIT Security 360

By clicking on Overview button, you get the default view that should be what you see when you first run the program. The most important aspect of this tab or button is displayed in the upper right hand corner, which offers you (the user) a chance to turn “on” or “off” specific programs like anti-malware, real-time protection, DOG detection, automatic scans, and/or automatic updates. You only need to click on the ON or OFF link to set the appropriate status for these options. Also in this tab, you can click on the “Scan Now” button to initiate a superficial and basic scan of your computer. Finally, at the bottom of the right hand pane of this utility’s tab is a button where you can run a basic “PC Security Analysis”. This option will quickly scan your machine and determine its health and security of your Internet connection and internal system.

By clicking on the Scan button, IObit Security 360 will display buttons that enable you to select one of three scans: Smart Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan. Each scan provides a unique depth and breadth and you can determine the wellness of your files and drives with this utility.

By clicking on the Protection button, IObit Security 360 will display two buttons where you may turn ON or OFF “Real Time Protection”, specifically, automatic protection against known malware, and/or advanced protection against unknown threats. I personally feel this is the most useful part of the overall program and trust that the developers were able to identify and include a solid list of malwares that your machine should be able to resist if attacked. Kudos to the developers of this specific functionality.

Finally, the Tools button, the last of the four, offers you (the user) a chance to activate tools to further protect you in your computing experience. The six tools offered in this layer of the program are (1) Hijack Scan, (2) Security Holes, (3) Passive Defense, (4) Unlock and Delete, (5) Privacy Sweeper, and (6) PC Tuneup. Each of these tools is self-evident regarding functionality, that is, they do exactly what their name is. So, in this overall Tools tab/button, you can rest assured that you can protect yourself against most if not all known hijacks, security holes, unlocks, browsing histories that you don’t want to reveal to foreign cookies, and of course your basic PC tuneup.

Many thanks to Rich Robinson of Minty White (Windows Guides) for discovering this fine resource. Also, many thanks to the developers of this fine utility program which, in my opinion, is one of the best of its kind on the web, especially for its price…free (download).

Keith Johnson, M.S. Education
Technical Writer
Great Documents Dot Net
Hallandale Beach, FL

Did you miss out on Iobit Security 360? Get it for free below:

Download Iobit Security 360

Download Security 360

Download Security 360 (Free)

Thanks Keith for your detailed, helpful review. You can read more about Keith and learn technical writing skills on his website: Great Documents.

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