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I do not like toolbars, even as there are a lot them that are valid software, for me is a way to loss part of my screen, and performance. Many malware programs use these to track your movements on internet.
You have to follow these solutions one by one, beginning with the first.

With The Uninstaller

We are going to the basic. Maybe it sounds a little too obvious, but the best way is using the uninstaller that came with the application.

So go to the control panel. Press the Winkey + R, type control and press Enter. Click on uninstall a program.

Unistall A Program

Double click over the toolbar you want to uninstall.

This is the best option and will left your computer with less traces, files and registry keys, of the toolbar.

However, what happens if you not have or cannot use an uninstaller?

Using Internet Explorer Options

With this solution, you are going to disable the toolbar so you can then enable whenever you want. This is not going to remove anything from your computer and for that reason is a safe procedure.

Go to Tools, Manage Add-ons.

IE Tools Manage Add Ons

Select show currently loaded add-ons:

IE Tool Bars And Extensions Currently Loaded

By default, these programs are grouped by provider so is very easy to know what you have to disable. Just right-click and select disable:

Ask ToolBar Disable

Using Special Programs

There are many utilities designed to combat spyware. Why not giving a try to one and use it?

Remember that to do a best scan use the safe mode. However, recall that many toolbar are not spyware so maybe this software is not going to solve your problem.

Using Autoruns

This is a more advanced technique, that will help if you find problems uninstalling the application.

First you have to download Sysinternal  Autoruns Utility.

Extract in the folder you wish. Now open it using “Run as administrator”.

Autorun Run As Administrator

This is an awesome utility; you must be a little impressed for the so many things that your computer opens at start. If you want to know more about programs that can slow down your boot process, read:

Slow boot problems, How To Deal With It?

Autoruns Toolbar

Select Internet Explorer Tab. You can then deselect any undesired toolbar:

Autoruns Internet Explorer Tab

If what you want is that Internet Explorer not shows a toolbar, you only have to deal with:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar.

You can disable the complements using the check box or you can delete the registry entry.

If you want to delete, right-click:

IE Developer Toolbar Delete

If the program inform about an access denied error showing the next window, you have to follow several steps to solve:

Auto Runs Error Deleting

This happens because the registry permissions has changed, the sort of things that malware does.

Therefore, do a double-click over the entry and Autoruns will open the Registry Editor.

Right-click and select permissions,

Autoruns Permissions

The first you have to do is take ownership over the entry. Click  advanced button, and go to owner tab:

Current Owner SystemYou have to change that to the administrator group. Select it on the list or using other user or group button. Press Apply.

Go to the select tab and press on include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent.

Include Inheritable Permissions From This Objects Parent

Press Apply and then you can delete the entry.

With Hijack This

If you feel more comfortable with this software instead using Autorun, the entries you can deal with  appears as R3, O2 and O3 sections.

Hijack This R3 O2 O3

Remember that O3 section only disable the view of the toolbar.

About Angel Luis

I am an Engineer of Telecommunications that love computers. My first computer was a Commodore 16kb, about 25 years ago and since then I am always fighting computers problems. Please visit my entries and ask me about whatever problem you have, I will be pleased to help you. My email is discoveryourpc [at] gmail [dot] com. You can follow me on twitter @agenlu or read my blog www.discoveryourpc.net

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  4. Angel Luis says:

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    I haven't tried to use Internet Explorer 9 but is in my list of task to do.

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    Keep posting great articles!

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