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In this guest post, Angela explores how to hide Windows updates. Learn more about Angela at the conclusion of this post.

Recently, I was offered an update from Windows that I didn’t need. The update was tagged “Optional” and was for Office Live add-in. It wasn’t important or critical, and I’m not sure why the update was even offered.

Windows does have a feature that can be used to hide the unwanted or unneeded updates. Using the feature will also stop Windows from offering the update over and over again if you refuse to not take the update:

  1. For starters, click on the pearl button and type “updates”. Look in the left column and click on “Windows updates”. If Windows finds updates that are available for your computer, click “View available updates”.
  2. If you see an update that you don’t wish to install, right-click on the update and then click “Hide update”. This will prevent the unnecessary update from being offered again in the future.

Angela is a Windows Guides reader who loves to help people as much as I. To find out more about her work or to contact her, please visit Angie’s Tools, Help & Fun Page.

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2 thoughts on “Hide Unwanted Windows Updates [How To]”

  1. Johnnydeveraux says:

    I selected hide… a few minutes later the update was ready to installed again…. followed your instructions one more time…. a minute later, same update ready to be installed…

    I dont want it, and my programs are fine without it… How do I “DELET IT”?
    Or do I have to forcefully give in to microsft’s desires?

  2. Herman says:

     Researched Google for this problem and found this answer. I tried it for 2 updates and so far it has worked. Thanks

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